Street children discrimination


You discriminate. I discriminate.

So there I was. Waiting in front of our house for the bus going to Manila. While doing so, I noticed four street children (the kind who asks for bottles and newspapers from people so they could sell it) eating their morning merienda (or lunch for that matter) made up of hopia and soft drinks.

While eating, one of them, the eldest and seemingly the leader of the pack, kept hailing all the jeepneys going to Calamba. But none of them actually stopped. It must’ve been 20 jeeps or so before one jeep finally stopped in front of them.

What was peculiar was the fact that this didn’t seem to bother them. In my eyes, that was downright discrimination. Maybe the jeepney drivers knew or assumed that the kids didn’t have any money to pay for the fare. But for the kids to not care or maybe to be desensitized by this phenomenon was something new to me.

I have a few theories why they didn’t mind waiting and instead, patiently hailed at least 20 jeepneys:

1) they were in no hurry to go to their destination

2) they were not planning on paying the fare so they couldn’t complain in terms of waiting

I guess those are pretty lame theories but those are the only ones I thought of. I don’t know if I should be sad or if that would just make me a hypocrite since I too sometimes discriminate street children.

One thing’s for sure: because I spent so much time observing them, I almost was late for work 🙂

*note: pic from the net

What are your thoughts?

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