Wet season means ‘boots’ season


In my mind, they’re just boots. In Filipino, bota lang yan.


I was actually debating in my head whether I should post another entry or not. I was torn between “sinisipag magsulat” and “wala sa mood mag blog.” But when something went wrong with the video I was downloading for work, since I had to start all over again, I thought, “heck! since I’ll be waiting anyway, I might as well write something. Besides, nothing good is on TV.”

pic from net

I’ll try as much as I can to put my thoughts into words. There are tons of things going through my mind right now and a lot of things I want to share. I mean, we do have 24 hours in a day and a lot can happen in such a short (or long, depending on your perspective) period of time.

I remember checking out other blogs, mostly fashion/ outfit posts, and I found it amusing that I haven’t posted one yet. I like dressing up though haven’t had that much ‘fashion excitement’ in elbi as compared to my previous work in a media company wherein most nights are spent in bars and events and parties. And that was for work. Since it’s more laid back here, I unconsciously changed my outfits as well.

But as I mentioned in my earlier posts, when it rains, the boots come out. It’s only once a year that the Philippines experiences the wet season so when I get the chance, I wear my boots. I don’t have a photo of my outfit so I searched the net and found one similar to what I wore (and I have a similar body type as the girl in the pic. hehe). Just wanna say that the photo was already cropped when I found it. So my outfit was something like this minus the red jacket:

pic from net

Outfit checklist

√ Knee high khaki boots

√ Black leggings

√ Floral black mini dress

√ Brown leather hobo bag

Activities while wearing this awesome outift

x Went to our deserted college

x School work at the main library

x Visited a Tita

x Grocery shopping. For dog food.

How glamorous. Hahaha! But hey, it was wet outside and I don’t like getting my feet dirty so boots it is for me. I still find it amusing that even in a liberated mini world like UP, I was still chased by curious looks. Oh well. I am not the type to follow the norm (though not always). But nothing against the ‘stares.’ I’d probably stare at someone wearing knee high boots while reading dusty old books at the library (of all places) too.

what if I went to campus wearing red boots as wonderwoman? hmm..

As my fashionable Tita said, “I like your outfit. Alam mo naman, tayo lang ang may keri ng ganyan. Lalo na dito [sa elbi].” Sabay tawa.

In my mind, they’re just boots. In Filipino, bota lang yan (tama ba?) Hehe. Same as the ones farmers wear in the fields. Ok, so maybe not the same really but same concept, di ba? I even saw a girl wearing red plastic boots at the palengke. Wanted to tell her, “You go girl!”

I’m saying.. let us wear our boots freely! With no discrimination! No prejudice!

To end, here’s Kesha’s video ‘Boots and Boys’ which I was addicted to a year ago. There’s no official video for it I guess so just listen to the lyrics and dance to the rhythm.

Line goes, “Boots and boys.. you bring me so much joy.” Ok, cross out the boys part.

What are your thoughts?

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