“Just when I was about to bash the Mamang pulis, I was suddenly saved by one…”


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Title: Mamang Pulis saves the day (2011)

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Overview: After a traumatic experience with a traffic enforcer as a young and new driver, J was once again reminded of that fateful day as she wove through the streets of Manila. As she was driving, she started thinking of all the bad qualities of a Pinoy policeman, something to add to her blog. When she was finally on the way to the airport to pick up her sister, something terrible happened that will change J’s perception of policemen forever…

Director: God

Writer: The Universe


J as herself

Ate C as herself

Chief of Police (peg: Albert Martinez)

Kuya Gary, the errand boy (peg: Empoy)

Police 1 (peg: Jhong Hilario)

Police 2 (peg: Dennis Padilla)

Policemen (3-5 pax)

Jeepney driver (peg: Edgar Mortiz)

Bystanders and etsuseros

Reviews: “It was crazy! Everything happened so fast. So stressing!” – Jopay, Makati Film Critique Society

“It changed my perception of the mamang pulis. I guess there are still some good men out there.” – Ronnie, Pinay reviews

“Amazing story! That’s why stereotyping sucks. Although hope this doesn’t happen to you guys! ” – Alison, Blow-by-blow news

Synopsis: J’s day started as normal as possible. Work and school the whole day. Right after her class, she drove to Manila to pick-up her sister named C who was coming from the States. It started to rain while she was driving at SLEX and though she worried about her car, she was still confident since she just bought two new tires and had it checked before she traveled. J then had a flashback on two of her most recent mishaps. First car trouble was with the Pajero while driving to a wedding at Tagaytay Highlands and two days after, the second mishap was when the tires of her car literally exploded. Good thing it happened in Calamba (not in SLEX) and a stranger was nice enough to change the tires for her. She thought, thank God those days are over.

She didn’t want to get stuck in traffic so she left early and arrived early in Manila so she decided to wait the remaining hours till her sister arrives at the SM Mall of Asia. As she was nearing MOA, she remembered the first time she was caught by the MMDA, the traffic police of Manila, while she was just starting to drive. The MMDA officer flagged her down, said it was wrong to swerve lanes (even if there was no sign), enumerated the disadvantages of getting a ticket, posed an ‘alternative’ and after discreetly getting the P500 bribe (he even instructed J to gently put the bill in his mind so as to seem normal), let J go. This ‘traumatized’ her. It all came back to J so she was bashing those law enforcers in her head, already structuring a blog she was going to write. Though MMDA enforcers are not technically policemen, she categorized them as such.

J dislikes going to malls since she gets tempted to buy something, which she did. Though she felt it hilarious that she couldn’t find the Accesorize shop even after countless times of checking the mall map, she had a great dinner at a Thai food place called Tom Yum Thai which served one of the closest-tasting-to-the-real-thing authentic Thai milk tea and she was slightly happy with her mall purchases. She was amused with the new mall police who rode little scooter majiggys, just like in the movie Mall Cop. Things were going well.

Since the mall closes at 10pm, J goes back to the car and waits for her sisters’ text (at the parking lot.) The flight was delayed so she had to wait a few minutes. When C finally texted, J started driving to NAIA but had to drive slow since C said the immigration would take a few more minutes. While driving, something exploded! It was actually the back seat falling down (since J made room for C’s stuff). J was relieved it wasn’t a flat tire but it left her heart pounding the whole time to NAIA. Maybe this was a sign of bad things to come.

At the airport, she had to wait another few minutes with the other drivers and when she finally started going up the bridge to NAIA, it was super traffic as in like there were super slow moving vehicles. It must have been more than an hour just to get by the bridge to NAIA but all was well since the radio was playing pretty awesome songs. When she was a few meters away, a cab driver stopped by her car and said, “Miss, flat ang gulong mo.” J was shocked since she didn’t feel “it” and said, “Aabot pa ba ko ng airport?” Cab driver answered, “Hindi ko alam eh. Sayad na.”

She felt doomed.

J had no choice. Traffic was bumper to bumper, she couldn’t stop to change the tire (as if she had ever tried it) since it would cause more build-up and she didn’t want to make a scene. So for the minutes nearing the airport entrance, with her hazard lights on, J was in pure gruesome torture, praying she’d make it. She reported this to her sister and when she finally made it, she was already in a bad mood. Not to mention, the security guards at the airport were such big jerks as well. When C saw J, she decided to take a cab since she knew the car wouldn’t make it if more bags were put in the trunk. So again, driving out of the airport was torture. When she finally went down the bridge, she saw the sign ‘Pulis’ and decided to stop there. She knew she wouldn’t make it to the gas station.

As she stopped, Chief of Police leaned over and asked what was wrong. From there, Kuya Gary and Police 1 and 2 started changing the tires but it was not problem free. They had a hard time taking out the bolts. K.Gary would even step on the wrench but the bolts wouldn’t budge. Police 1 even said, “Ang liit na kotse, ang hirap tanggalin ng bolts.” They needed a tube to make the wrench longer and after a lot of searching and asking other passing drivers, Kuya jeepney driver lent them a longer wrench. Still no success until the jeepney driver took over and easily loosened the bolts. The policemen were actually turning the bolt the wrong way! – making the bolts tighter! Finally, bolts were out and K.Gary started changing the tires while Police 1 and 2 supervised and chatted with J and C. J gave a few bucks to the jeepney driver, but before he accepted it, he kept on looking at the policemen, as if he was asking for the permission to get the money (which was J’s last new Philippine peso.)

Finally, after a few more minutes of struggling, the flat tire was replaced by the spare “donut” tire. After thanking the policemen and tipping Kuya Gary, J and C left and made their way to Evangelista, Makati. They ended up in a vulcanizing shop and met up with their brother M. It was already 5am when they arrived in Elbi.

Maybe it’s true that there are no accidents in our lives. Maybe this was God’s way of showing J that not all ‘mamang pulis’ were bad, of telling J to take good care of the car and of reminding J that being a car owner was not a light job. The universe, God, was definitely at work here.


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