“Walang taong nakipag-break ang lumabas na anghel”


Whether you broke up with the person because he/she did something wrong, didn’t treat you right or simply “just because,” the “breaker” will always be the bad guy.

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Walang taong nakipag-break ang lumabas na anghel,” said my college friend to another friend who was thinking of letting go of her 10 year relationship with her childhood sweetheart. “Kaya gawin mo na lang ang dapat mong gawin. There’s no other way to it.”

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I have to agree with her. Whatever the circumstance may be, the ‘breaker’ or ‘dumpee’ (for some) will always be the bad guy. This is especially true when you’ve been in a long term relationship; not so much coming from a short term one. When you break up with someone, be prepared not only to lose that person but also his/her family and friends, pets and in some cases, you are also breaking up with your business partner, financial partner and best friend.

All of them were somehow close to you – and now see you as the devil (evil laugh).

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Not only that, be prepared to make ‘enemies.’ They may not verbalize it or confront you about it but sometimes your ex’ friends will badmouth you, won’t accept that FB friend request you sent or just plain ignore you. Because you are the bad guy. I know some people who won’t break-up with someone even after they’re mistreated simply because they don’t want to be seen as the ‘evil one’ and rather the ‘one who held on and did everything to salvage the relationship.’ They either wait for the other person to drop the bomb or do things that will make their partner go crazy and eventually leave them.

Though of course there are cases when even after the bloody break up, you’re still in good terms with your ex as well as the ex’ family and friends. That would be really nice but not always the case. It’s expected that you’ll lose a few contacts here and there. I guess you can say it’s a price to pay; part of a deal of something that is ‘not forever.’

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For some, on the other hand, this is good news. Finally, you’ll get rid of his/her loud best friends, melodramatic sister, bully of a brother, nosy mother and short tempered father. Never mind that you’re the bad person.

You’re lucky if you’ll never get into this kind of situation. However, not everyone will be as blessed. Sometimes in life, for most people, you really have to play the role of the ‘bad guy’ to somehow, hopefully, be a ‘good guy’ in the future.

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