Give-take-and-appreciate “pasalubong” process


Ever tried Tequila-filled chocolate balls? It’s the bomb!


Big sister just came back from her trip in the States and she brought along a ton of pasalubong. Aside from the usual stuff like grocery items, food, chocolates, make-up, lotions and stuff, I wanted to share just a few items that are so cute!

My favorite is the Chocolate tequila balls.

Sister claims that the Ped Egg is the same one Penny of the TV show Big Bang Theory used in one of the episodes and I’m like, ‘You saw the ped egg in the scene?!’ Unbelievable.

The last photo is the whole Bath and Body Works gift set. This was so awesome ‘cuz it was so cheap! Guess how much? May prize. Haha! Clue: The cost of the whole set is approximately the same if/when each item is sold here. Amazing.

Fun how each country has their own products to share to other countries. If you think about, foreigners go ga-ga over our native products like the sinamay, bayong, capiz stuff and other Pinoy-made items. So, it’s just a give-take-and-appreciate process.


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