Lighted way

event pic

It’s hard organizing any event but it’s even harder to organize a surprise party BUT it’s hardest to organize a surprise party especially if it’s for your newly-turned-senior-citizen mom!

Colorful paper and capiz lanterns


The de(light)ful ceiling

Background: Mom’s birthday was actually last July 30 but since sis was still in the US at the time, we decided to surprise mom the week after, August 6. Which made her ‘tampo‘ because only a few people greeted her on the day of her birthday, which did not include my brothers (haha) and only a few had dinner at the house.

Simple invitation

Moonlight ala capiz

colorful paper lanters

the quaint multi-flower centerpiece

Walk down memory lane

christmas lights around the tent

Floral splash theme

The Plan: Surprise dinner at Tresto, a small garden resto near UP which is more known as an ‘inuman‘ place but which we transformed to a candle lit dinner venue, with mom’s closest friends. It was a simple, small and quaint dinner consisting of approximately 100 people, with a floral theme and a super short program.

The floral plates

the 60! table napkins

The Decor: colorful paper lanterns and capiz lanterns, christmas lights around the tent, small flower arrangements on the table with a small candle at the center, floral plates, table napkins, big 60th balloon all of which sis bought here when she was in the US plus a ‘photo wall’ with mom’s old pics as well as a caricature of her made by my talented student. On the walkway, we placed homemade tea light lamps to ‘guide’ the way.

The Menu: (appetizers) mojo potato chips, mixed nuts (main course) creamy dory fish with sweet and sour or  tartar sauce, fried chicken with gravy or ketchup, chopseuy, lumpiang shanghai, pansit for long life, white rice and iced tea.

The birthday girl's complete outfit

The Special outfit for the birthday girl: complete ‘6oth birthday’ get-up consisting of glittery sash, ’60’ silver glasses, party horn, ribbon and party hat.

Star gazers from the cake

The cake with real stargazers

Guitar of the acoustic player

since i like my privacy kahit pano, here's a blurry pic of the 'event'

The Cake: coffee passion fruit chiffon cake with real flowers as accents plus, of course, Mernel’s (gift of a friend)

The Music: bossa nova songs from the playlist plus live acoustic guitar player

Gorgeous peach-y bouquet

One of my mom's bouquets

The ‘Gifts’:Aside from the gifts from guests, there were three different types of AVPs plus live testimonials from select friends

The After party:The Lapis family and some friends had a live acoustic sing-along and had a few drinks (beers for the boys, Trong for me) and just laughed at the whole surprise plan

The Trong shots

the resto wall (which was initially covered by our lcd screen)

Quaint dinner party becuase 60 is the new 16


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