Vacationista: Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan


In ‘honor’ of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, I’ve decided to post this Puerto Prinsesa adventure as my first local vacation-on-a-budget since the deadline for voting is near!


Before I forget (and before you stop reading this post), vote for Puerto Prinsesa’s underground river as one of the next Wonders of Nature. Why? It’s simply a-mazing! Just click here. Do it. Now.

entrance of the underground cave

the horse

the jellyfish. bow


Though a friend of mine said that there’s this other cave in Palawan which is nicer than this tourist spot but I said that the local government may want to preserve the other cave, which is good. One tourist spot is enough. We must take care of our ecosystem.


Ok, now that that’s out of the way.. I’m completely at a loss of what to say. Haha! Kidding. Because I know you’re so busy and you have no time to read lengthy blogs, here’s the bullet form of what you need to know if you wanna visit Puerto Prinsesa.

The Name: Don’t just say ‘Puerto’ because it might be mistaken for Puerto Galera, which is in Mindoro and is considered the ‘poor man’s Boracay.’ Though honestly, Galera is also tons of fun.

Air Tickets: >P2000 via Cebu Pacific, 2way

Accomodations: Some back packers inn. Forgot na but there’s a lot there. Maybe around P500 a night for two.

Mode of transpo: really nice tricycles. And the driver’s are nice too!

Must do: Underground river of course, Enough said.

Must buy: Rainmakers! They have big ones and small, handy ones and are so cheap. It’s very soothing. It’s a tube of bamboo with monggo beans in it and nails in drilled in different parts of the bamboo so when you move it, it makes a ‘raining’ noise. It is said that this was used before by the ancient tribes to ask for rain from the gods during the farming season.

Must try: Go to Ka Lui’s for a really nice dinner. The resto is made of bamboo, you have to take off your shoes, food is great and the ambiance is even better. Check out their art works. Puerto Prinsesa also has a lot of Vietnamese food (try Bona’s.. it’s recommended by my Palawan friends) because it’s near the sea so other people easily get to go to Palawan. Some even say that it’s through Palawan and other areas there that military arms, guns and the like get into our island. Sshhh…


What are your thoughts?

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