Love affair with everything mint-y!


Mint chocolate hand wash from Bath & Body Works; super yummy! Everytime I wash my hands, I just want to lick my hands or chug down the whole bottle!

I suddenly realized while I was walking around the house (yes, I sometimes just absent minded-ly walk around the house, thinking and just looking at stuff) that we have a lot of thingamajiggs that is mint based. My sis and I love everything mint. If I’m buying ice cream and there’s chocolate mint or mint with chocolate chips  flavor, no questions asked, I choose that one. It’s a shame that here in the Philippines only a few ice cream establishments offer mint flavored ice cream, mostly which are not available in grocery stores (holler at Selecta and Magnolia!). I do know that there’s mint flavored ice cream in S&R in Alabang, the imported Blue Bunny brand, but I had a bad experience with the said brand so I didn’t want to try it anymore. Plus, they don’t have pint sized tubs.

So anyway, here are my finds for my random look-for-mint-y-stuff-at-home:

Energy cookie!! Cool mint chocolate with caffeine; if only all energy bars were chocolate mint fudge brownies...

Pepperidge Peppermint Chocolate

MIni choco mint


Yummy fudge-y Keebler Choco-mint fudge cookie (yes, we need to mention fudge twice)






















So if you have any choc0-mint products that you’d like to share, remember, I’m just here. I’ll gladly take the burden off your hands.

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