Case: Toffee vs. the people


Huli ka, balbon (translation: spotted)!

Toffee is a baby to me as the garden is a baby to mom. You can just imagine what mother’s reaction was, when one beautiful morning, she opened the french doors to our foyer and found this…

My gulity-looking baby doggy Toffee right beside the plants she undoubtedly destroyed.

On the 16th of August 2011, at around 9 in the morning, the alleged ‘criminal’ was  ‘arrested’ with ample ‘evidence,’ made up of bits of soil and leaves of the former plant, scattered on the tile floors. Toffee, the defendant, pleaded her case with puppy dog eyes and a gift-offering of our floor mat (purple thing she’s biting).

The plaintiff forgave the cute defendant; prosecutor and judge decided to drop the case.

Case closed.


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