Coolest library… ever!


OK so maybe the title may be a little too much since I haven’t exaclty gone on a worldwide trip in search of the coolest libraries. But at least in the Philippines, in Manila in particular, this is the coolest library (so far) that I’ve been to.


Discovered one more thing to love in De La Salle College of St. Benilde – their awesome library! I know, it may sound silly to even be blogging about a simple school library but it’s just that I grew up in an academic environment (read: UP) where libraries are full of old scholarly books . Books which when you open, smell of dead writers and sound like a thousand years.

rows and rows of awesome books!

my fave!

There’s nothing wrong with libraries like that. I actually like the smell of old books and the feel of rusty, rough pages which have been touched, literally, by millions of people. But, it’s also amazing to be exposed to a library like in CSB (parang mangmang lang).

To keep up with the theme of being artful, I edited the pics to make it.. different.

how to draw books and comic books galore

Anyway….I was browsing their book shelves and it was full of rows and rows of artsy fartsy books like books on fashion, interior design, how to make cartoons, graphic design, fonts, scriptwriting, back issues of Vogue, GQ and Vanity Fair (I know, how cool is that) and all that jazz. It was so amusing to skim the books. And believe me, I was amused for quite a while.

Of course, I know that this is because their school is a school of the arts so it’s expected they’d have these kinds of books.

the making of walt disney

I love the fact that all the books were new. Perfectly covered with plastic. All in their right places. With proper labeling. Nice.

Because as much as we need the classics (read: old books), we also need the new ones to keep up with trends, new discoveries, different ideas etc. Of course, I can’t exactly super compare UP lib with CSB lib since both have their own strengths, weaknesses and  conditions to survive.

denise the menace - was never a fan

What caught my attention while walking around was the section on.. tan-ta-na-nan!… comics!

spiderman, spiderman

There I was, stunned that books upon books about Spiderman’s adventures were there, that Marvel comic’s complete set was there, they had Spawn books there (one of my fave cartoons before) and other graphic works of shiz was there. Hope to see Aeon Flux too. I am a girl who likes to read boy’s comics.

Plus (comic enthusiasts hold on to your seats), they had collector’s items available! As in the ones in boxes. With the shiny and glittery fonts. Ok, so I can’t exactly describe it but it was awesome just looking at them. In a library. In a real school.

the 'older' version of peanuts

And it gets better. How, you ask? I know right? It’s just so awesome! It gets better because right under the Sin City and Batman complete set of books, I saw… Peanuts! Not only Peanuts, what made me smile the whole night was when I saw… Calvin and Hobbes!

Peanuts - how it all started

One of my most favorite comic strip cartoons! Eek! I almost made a scene in the library. Haha!  So there I was. Like a kid in the middle of a candy store. Just drooling over the range of new books available, ready to be plucked.

vintage peanuts

the lib at 8pm: empty

Which books did I eventually choose?

1) Art of tattoo

2) The origins of Walt Disney

3) The Start of Peanuts

4) And of course, one of Calvin and Hobbes’ books

I stayed till 8:30pm until the guard told me they were already closed. Wish it was that easy to read an academic book. I will definitely come back, ‘lil library. And not because I need to but because I wholeheartedly want to.

my books for the night – comics and a book on ink

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