Walk down [UPD MassComm] lane


It’s been awhile since I last posted. The reason is because I’ve been sick to my stomach thinking (more of worrying) about my thesis proposal. So, I said to myself, “J, you can’t blog because you still don’t have a topic.” I’d feel guilty if I posted a blog while still not having a topic. And still, I don’t have one. If my professors could read this, which I doubt and hope to death they won’t, they’d kill me.

You know how easy it was to think of a thesis topic as an undergrad? Well, that’s not the case now. Maybe because when I was in college, I knew what my course was all about. There was a clear cut definition and scope for it. Now in my post grad, I’m having a hard time giving a complete description of what ‘devcom’ is all about. Therefore, making it hard for me to think of a thesis proposal. Or this could just be another lame excuse.

So anyway, to help me make perspectives a lot clearer, I thought of going to UP Diliman to look at books and past theses, just in case these would help me somehow. Another reason was because Los Banos was celebrating ‘Banamos’ and I didn’t exactly want to be part of that. Rather than being stuck at home since it was a non-working holiday for LB, it’d be better to spend some ‘quality’ and ‘productive’ time at my old school.

Even though I go to Manila every week for work, it’s been awhile since I last went to UPD, maybe the last time was last year for a quick dinner with friends. I saw a lot of changes and was somehow surprised. There now was Tagaytay’s famous Mushroom Burger and Bon Chon branch in Katipunan, the LayBare branch once in Maginhawa St. where I lived is now replaced with Moonleaf tea, the ‘forever-on-going-constructions-of-the-engineer-building-across-NIGS’ is now up and useful. Plus other new places.

As expected, my stay in UPD was nostalgic. So nostalgic I wanted to puke and cry a tear from my left eye, both at the same time. I even had a short chit chat with a former professor. Aside from going to my old college, I also walked around campus and of course, stopped by the famous SC (Shopping Center). No isaw though.

Here are some pics of ‘memorable’ spots in my college, which will always be my first love, MassCom.Pardon the low quality photos and of course, these are not all the places I wanted to immortalize. There’s still the studio, production areas, classrooms, our university radio station… I wasn’t exactly planning on reminiscing about yesterday, you know.
I spent four whole years in this College. Of course I fell in love with it!

CMC - College of Mass Communication


 Tambayan huts (own term), we didn’t have these cabanas before. Our tambayans were mainly the floors inside the college or the cemented tables in the middle of the field

tambayan 'huts' at the background

I remember before, we had a lot of spaces for parking cars. Now – full na!

parking lot full of cars

Going inside…

tambayan area before


pacquaio & aktibista art

the broad comm & journ hallway to profs offices

tambayan/ hang out/ practice area

The place where I spent most of the day…

CMC lib

my date for the day - books

sleeping time

looks familiar

And of course, there has to be a special ‘portion’ for the restrooms – the place where a lot of tears were spent, life changing conversations took place and where we changed into our costumes for productions. Of course now, it looks a lot better than our time.


full length mirror, of course

susyal sinks



So did my mini-stay in UPD help me resolve my problem? Not entirely. But somehow, it did. I guess the old-new environment help me refresh my brain.


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