UPLB has a new chancellor.. yey!


Congratulations to Dr. Rex Victor Cruz, the new chancellor of UPLB!

I heard the news from our professor and she shared that Dr. Cruz already won during ’round one’ of the elections pa lang. I’m not sure how these elections go but I’m sure glad he won. I don’t know him personally but he and his family were my church mates before. He’ll be taking over the position before November of this year, according to my classmate who works at the Chancellor’s office. I was rooting for him the moment I found out he was running for the position. As happy as his supporters are, I can think of a number of people who are bummed out by his victory. Well, boo to them. Hehe.

Funny story. While me and my sister were in Boracay recently, during lunch, we saw Dr. Cruz there, walking along D’Mall, because at the time he was attending an environment-related conference in Station 3, along with more than a thousand foresters including my mother. My sister, upon seeing him, shouted “Sir Rex!” and waved. Sir Rex saw her, smiled and waved back. I asked my sister if she was ever his student. She said no. Haha. I’m sure he doesn’t recognize my sister and just categorized her as “one of his former students.” And now, he’s the chancellor! Yey!

On another note, I was looking for an official press release regarding this news but I didn’t find one (or maybe I’m a crappy news finder).  Anyway, here’s his website if you’re interested in learning his vision and plans.


What are your thoughts?

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