“Cathy’s Book”.. a great find on a Saturday


I’m not very good in finding ‘hidden’ treasures. Usually, my sister is the pro when we go to thrift shops, book sales, bazaars and the like. But when I saw this little black book (black is mysterious, right?) in the middle of a stack at the book sale, I was immediately attracted to it. I was even more intrigued when I scanned through the pages. It looked old and with missing pages and looked like someone already wrote on it – but it’s actually new. That was just part of the book’s ‘packaging’. It’s supposed to be a diary of sorts complete with a bag of clues. On the pages are drawings and doodles of the author. It was so cute and cheap too that I had to buy it! Check it out.

the front cover

Cathy's Book - the whole package

when you open the cover, the pile of 'clues' is attached

doodles on the front; reminds me of pareng Oble

inside front cover

inside pages with doodles

the bag full of goodies aka 'clues' to find cathy

pile of 'clues'

Here are some of the clues:


pseudo marriage certificate

newspaper clipping

US air mail receipt

tissue with lip stick smudge

doodles on the back

back cover - letter from cathy

I’ve started reading this ‘interactive’ book and am actually hooked on it. It’s interesting and probably  written for a teener. Hehe. Really nice in reality. You have to admit, it’s pretty cool, eh? 🙂


What are your thoughts?

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