Dalcielo: my go-to cafe after the spa


Dalcielo is a place for good food with good friends and family (No, this is not their tagline. just made that up. Haha)


For some reason, mother wanted to eat out for dinner. I was really in no mood since I just had a full day of work plus class reporting in school but she was insistent. In my head, maybe she noticed I was having a bad week (read: mainit ang ulo) because of akads or maybe because she wanted to get out of the house after our helper accidentally cut her favorite window curtains in half, which was hilarious for me, not so for our helper or mother.

the spa and the cafe back-to-back

So end product, we had dinner and …. a trip to the spa! I looove going to the spa! I looove massages! You have no idea. Or maybe you do. Usually ladies love massages. I’ve been dying to have a massage. It’s been too long since I last had one. Ok, maybe not that long ago since I had a massage in Boracay about a week ago but still, I was in dire need of one. Ok, I’m rambling.. Sooo when mother told me we’ll be going to V-Lounge, our usual spa, I was elated (though I’ll be writing a separate review on V-Lounge). Nuninuni.. after the spa trip, mother wanted to have coffee and dessert so where better place to go but Dalcielo’s which is right beside V-Lounge (both are located along grove in Los Banos). That’s our usual ritual: dinner, spa then coffee which makes Dalcielo my go-to cafe after a night at the spa.

dalcielo has an indoor and outdoor area

one whole wall of the painting of the UPLB carillon

I have to admit their menu is quite pricey and some of my friends are still not convinced that it offers ‘value for money.’ But for me, I would like to say otherwise.It’s a good place to go if Los Banos pips want to splurge every now and then.

Funny because before, I wanted to set up my own ‘high end’ restaurant/ cafe like Chokiss in UPDiliman complete with my signature pesto pasta, lasagna, ribs, cupcakes, cookies, the works. You know, that place you can have dates or where you can bring your family after graduation or a venue to celebrate with orgmates. I guess this is the one.

What we ordered and how it fared:

Blueberry cheesecake (P150): It’s pretty big for a cheesecake slice but it’s still not the cheesecake that we like. At least it’s not made of jello. The ‘real’ cheesecake we want is the sour and tart type, something like that from The Cheesecake Factory. This one is pretty sweet. Bonus points for the dallop of whip cream though.

blueberry cheesecake with whip cream

Moist Chocolate cake with yema filling (P125): The serving is huge so if you want a gigantic serving, this one’s for you! I was reminded of UP Diliman’s Chocolate Kiss’ Devil’s Foodcake, which is still one of my favorite chocolate cakes in the country. The choco cake is ok too I guess, something like Mernel’s cake only better.

Arabica brewed coffee (P95): Nothing special with this one.

super moist chocolate cake with yema filling





What I like about Dalcielo’s:

1) They have their own security guard (who is nice too) and they have nice staff too

2) It’s open till 10pm so perfect for those last minute late night drinks

3) They use really fresh ingredients and the best ones too. I’ve tried their marinara/ seafood pasta and I liked it (price for pasta is not lower than P150)

4) Their interior! So cozy and pretty. The upholstery is super nice too.

5) Most patrons are the mature or young professional types so you know there’s no loud, rowdy “kids/ teens”

starry starry ceiling

6) They also sell fresh home made pesto sauce, bagoong, cheese and the like

More than the food, you are also ‘paying’ for the ambiance and the accessibility of the place.

super cute washing area



lover's corner

*Side note: I think this cafe is owned by a pastor and his wife so maybe their joy and love spills over the food which makes it yummy. Hehe.

electronic tea light.. mapanlinlang!


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