Checking in at a motel


This serves as a warning. If you see someone who looks like me lurking in a particular motel sometime soon, well, that’s probably me. Now before you start imagining things that never happened and jumping into steamy conclusions, let me make kwento first.

Went to Quezon City today to get Mac fixed and thank goodness he was revived (yes, I think my laptop is a guy). Had lunch with former officemate at Icebergs, which was my first time if you could believe. Their desserts are fab and worth the money. After that, met up with mother who wanted to check out the venue for their upcoming conference.

Along the way, I was thinking of where their venue could possibly be. Rembrandt? Kabayan? Maybe The Sulo Hotel?

None of the above. Our car stopped right in front of Eurotel.

Ok, so maybe they consider themselves more of a hotel now than a motel but just the thought made me smile for no particular reason. We went in and I have to hand it to Eurotel, aside from being located right across SM (yeah!), they actually looked like a mini-hotel with a really nice lobby that smelled of a really fragrant comfort room. If it weren’t for the suspicious-looking couples (are you even of legal age, my dear?), the place looked wholesome with families walking in and out of the hotel.

I was half expecting to see someone I knew walk through the doors, with their heads and eyelids down and I imagined I’d shout at them, “Uy! Kamusta na? Bakit kayo andito? Happy ba?”

Instead, I asked mother: “Dito kayo magco-conference?”



“Mura dito eh. Suki na ang gobyerno dito.”

What?? And as if to prove her point, a group of old men walked through the lobby, wearing conference IDs saying they’re from some government agency having an R&D seminar. Right…

Turns out mother’s office is really a suki in that ‘hotel’ because of their discounted rates for government functions (we checked the ongoing conference at the time. It’s legit.).

So then I decided that I would like to stay at that place, if possible in the near future for my much needed dose of city life. With my mother, mind you. It wouldn’t hurt to live in a mini ‘hotel’ for a few days, even if that meant that the moment you walk out you’re surrounded by manong isaw vendors and the smell of unhygienic substances fill your nostrils.

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  1. Motels and the negative connotations that come along with it. Sigh. I’ve spent a night with friends at a Eurotel branch in Cubao and from what I can remember, the suite was really very nice. It is no different (or almost) from other high-end hotels in the city. I am actually considering Eurotel for when Phil spends a day here in Manila (after our Baguio trip) before flying back home.

    • aww, it’s nice you and Phil are gonna travel and spend some much needed quality time together. yeah, motels always have a negative connotation to it, especially here in our country. it’s a pretty cheap place though to stay at if you can’t afford a “real” hotel.

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