UPLB used to be my ‘safe place’


Not anymore. What with the consecutive crimes that’s been happening around the once peaceful campus.

I’m an LB baby. I used to believe that whenever I am in LB, I am safe. Safe from the crimes which I often see usually happening in Manila, in the city, in Mindanao, anywhere just not in LB. LB used to be my ‘safe place’ from people who could hurt me.

But with the recent murder of a female UPLB student and the unthinkable murder of a whole family in a nearby province, amongst other earlier crimes, this is just too much.

Gone are the days when we could run and play around our community and not fear for our safety. Before, students could stay in campus and still feel as if they’re protected. Now all our houses have fences 6 feet high, as if to ban any bad spirit or human that may want to enter.

Who’s to blame? UPLB administration has done its part. They added more security guards in campus who roam around the area, put out more night lights and actually turned them on and even imposed a 10pm curfew. But still, this??

Or maybe this is an economic move by businessmen? Instill fear in the people so we’d buy products to make life a little bit safer and make them a little more richer. “Be safe! Think about your children! Buy our products! Buy our pepper spray! Buy tons of locks for your doors! Buy a gun to protect your baby!”

Can’t help but wonder  though, (and no offense, I know the people behind it had good intentions) but ever since illegal settlers from Manila were relocated in the barangay near LB giving them their own houses, crime rates have been up. I mean, even right across our house, a man was shot dead.

These relocation sites are good as is but if the government pushes through it, they have to make sure to provide a means of livelihood for the people. Eh nangyari nagbagsak sila ng sangkatutak na tao, wala namang hanap buhay. So what will they do for food? Go figure. But this is just a thought. Still need some statistics and proof for this theory.

Plus they say she was raped. My blood boils when I hear about any woman being raped. If I were President, all rapists would be castrated.  Seriously. An eye for an eye, as they say. Well, sausage and balls in this case. Though I know we have to be Christian-like and not take ‘matters in our own hands,’ I just think that rapists are the worst.

Now people are calling for justice for the victim. It’s all on twitter, facebook etc. Even Bianca Gonzalez tweeted #JusticeforCebanico (the UPLB student).

But is there really justice in our country? Uso ba yun? Hundreds, maybe even thousands of cases are still piling in our courts. Makikita pa kaya nila ang kasong to? Papansinin kaya nila?

I’m not so sure.

Some would say, “Eh, crimes are everywhere, in any country. Crimes will always happen. Deal with it.”  True. But in other countries, justice is (somehow) served. How about in our bayang magiliw?

I guess all we can do is hope for the best and say a prayer or two for the victims. Wouldn’t hurt to double lock your doors too.

Here’s a link to UPLB’s Facebook site.

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  1. I have heard it in the news and I was so saddened by that.I hope that the Government would assist the case in a fast manner so all things would be resolved para man lang sa kaluluwa ng namatay..

    • yeah. good to know though that some of the suspects are already in the hands of the police. so hopefully mahanap na yung iba pa. justice should be served now.

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