Malls are evil


Malls are evil. It’s a known fact just like saying the earth is round, whales are mammals, gravitational pull is present and boys suck.

Which brings us to the topic for today: Evil malls.

Right now, I’m at the mall across the glamorized motel (which is pretty nice for a mini-hotel), unwillingly stuck because of the OA heavy downpour outside. The motel is only a 5 minute walk from the mall yet I can’t exactly go back, unless I want to make a dreary-wet-look  fashion statement . I was just supposed to check my mail, book some hotels for an upcoming trip abroad and go back to my cozy room because I didn’t want to spend. I know malls have so many temptations, and I know I am only human and am so weak to resist, similar to when men go to bars. Haha. But noooo… it just had to rain. So I’m stuck inside the devilish ‘mother of all’ materialistic lust and unnecessary overspending.

Can’t say I didn’t try not to look. Everytime I’d pass by a clothes store, a shoe store, an accesory store, I’d quickly avert my eyes, say a little prayer and walk by.

Don’t look, J.” I’d tell myself. “You are a strong woman. You can do this. Resist temptation. Oooh, that’s a pretty pair of heels. Would look perfect with that dress I just bought. Stop it. Snap out of it, J!”

Since it was lunchtime (I know, perfect timing), I became thirsty so I thought, I’d just drink some milk tea from that Thai milk tea booth I passed by (I am a huge fan of Thai food) which only costs P64 then eat nothing. But then, my stomach was still aching for some real food since I didn’t consume any breakfast. I didn’t want to stay at the Food Court so I bought a piece of Sweet Garlic bread (which was really good) and a Ham & Cheese Croissant at French Baker. Another hundred bucks.

I didn’t want to walk around the mall since I know that I would buy something, anything, especially if it had a big, fat SALE on it. So I decided to stay at the internet store. Making this post. Still burning some money.

Got to hand it to malls. They really know how to lure you into their evil scheme of shopping.


I think those shoes are calling me now. I hate malls. Kthxbye.

evil shopping malls


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  1. I hear you, lady. Been in such a horrifying situation before. I live in a commercial area with not three but four malls that are just a stone’s throw away from my apartment. Luckily though, I’ve outsmarted them – or at least I think I did as they don’t seem appealing to me anymore as they were before. Forget about the sales – thumbs down. Online shopping, anyone? 😀

    • I can just imagine your “burden” of living within shopping distance! haha. Don’t get me started on online shopping. I just recently got out of online shopping rehab and I’ve been sober for a few weeks now. Haha! 😀

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