The Venetian Hotel Casino: one costly trap

I’ve never been a fan of casinos. I actually don’t like going there that much. Maybe it’s the smell of smoke or the sight of countless old, wrinkly men or maybe it’s the over all spirit of greed and lust. But in our recent Macau trip, of course a trip to the famous and gorgeous Venetian was inevitable.
the facade and shopping area

gondola wide with a singing boatman

The place was really pretty and huge and the design was very detailed, with Italian inspired paintings and sculptures. Ferrari sports cars were situated in the middle, ripe for the taking, and the interior was brightly lit.  Most attendants wore the boatman costumes of stripped blue shirts, red scarves and the boater hat. First thing we checked out was the gondola area, located In the middle of the casino-hotel, which was inspired by the one in Venice, with a modern facade, with mini bridges and a man made river, and a ceiling that looked like clouds! There, you can ride a boat complete with a singing boatman who was probably a theater artist in another life. So cute.

one of the many hallways

You’re not allowed to take photos inside the casino so when I did, a woman asked me to delete the pics, right in front of her. Oh well. Mother says it’s just like the one she went to when she was in Las Vegas. Casino Filipino looks so cheap compared to this one.

the great hall
Inside the venue are numerous high end shops, stores where gamblers can spend their hard earned (not!) cash. As I went around the place (I didn’t want to play) mother and Tita played the slot machines. Just for fun, they said. We dont exactly believe in luck. As they took their place in front of the machines, they looked exactly like the old women portrayed in the movies. Haha. When I went back to them, they both won a thousand hong kong dollars each in less than an hour! Talk about lucky. Mother didn’t even know what she was doing. She just kept on pressing random buttons like a kid. When I tried it, I instantly lost $30. Loser.

the gorgeous ceiling with a huge painting

We had dinner first before going back to the airport and still, in the food court, the ceiling was painted with clear blue skies with white fluffy clouds. It felt like the summer morning. I realized it was a marketing strategy for the casino management since people would have no sense of morning or night and just continue wasting their money. Just as I thought, when we went out the hotel, we were surprised that it was already dark. What a subtle way to lure your costumers.

The Venetian also offers free bus rides to and fro the airport and the ferry, you can leave your luggage at the reception, they have affordable shops and restaurants available, lots of free goodies and other tactics to keep you in there forever. If you let the casino get to you, it can be a trap which would really prove hard to get out of.


the lobby outside.. super nice ceiling

free ride on the Venetian bus



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