My 5 top bucket list items that will prolly never be ‘checked’


I have a bucket list, along with half of the young population, which includes taking solo trips to different countries, jumping out of buildings and planes, being part of the Nat Geo team plus about a hundred more. But I do have those items on my list which have a 99.98% chance of not happening. Haha. Here’s my top 5.

1. Join Australia’s Wipe Out – you know Wipe Out? One of the funnest looking at the same time horrifying game shows on TV. It’s like the Westerners version of Takeshi’s castle, only better since the commentators are like the commentators in TMZ. Lait galore!

2. Shave my own head – if only I didn’t have ears sticking out like Minnie’s, I would have done this a long time ago. The only possible reason I see this actually happening is if I become a Buddhist monk, which is a pretty long shot.

3. Be an extra in a Hollywood film – and not just any extra. I want to be either one of people running away from the huge twister or zombie and actually be eaten/killed by it. My character on the script would say “crowd.” Or I could be the random police officer who arrests Adrien Brody and gets to punch him on his pretty face then later on when the director shouts “cut!” I’d profusely apologize to him and ask for his autograph. Or if all else fails, have a cartoonized version of myself in Family Guy, even if I’m the one Stewie kills in the end.

4. Drive a Filipino bus – yes, it has to be a Filipino bus: the cranky, rusty, smoke belching, with busted headlights and signal lights, loose side mirrors, no steering wheel power kind of auto. And I have it to drive it in the streets of Manila. During rush hour.

5. Ride a flying unicorn which has long purple flowing hair with glitters, a horn that excretes choco mint ice cream and has wishing stars on its butt.


stars like these on a horse's ass


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  1. I have bad hair days everyday, as in my hair literally and figuratively gets in my hair a lot and yes I had, not once but many times, thought of chopping all my hair off. BUT i would never dare. Why do want to go bald? Pullin off the Britney Spears look?

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