Dog killed my clogs


I’ll get straight to the point. I tried conjuring up an interesting story to start my post but no can do. So I’ll just say it:

My dog killed my clogs.

Remember that time when I found it humorous when toffee (my dog) killed mother’s plants? Well, it’s not so funny now that it involved my perfectly perfect shoes.

I wasn’t even able to maximize the shoes, only got to wear it once or twice for work. And I don’t even know why Toffee chose my shoes. Why couldn’t it be the  sneakers or the other wedge heels or even the rubber shoes? When Toffee saw my clogs, she probably thought, “Ohhh, mommy bought me a new chew toy that looks different yet still smells tasty at the same time.” Right.

It pains me to say it so I’ll just show the pictures of both the shoe-killer and the victimized clogs (drama lang).

victimized shoe

super tasty shoes

ginawang chew toy???

hole in the shoe. not cool

look how pretty it is (supposedly)

mug shot of the shoe killer.

But for some reason, maybe it was the weather, the way I woke up or whatever, I didn’t feel mad. Just sad. Haha. I mean, look at the shoe killer. How can you get mad at a face like that? So I told myself this is just another blessing in disguise: now I have a legitimate excuse to buy new shoes!

Remember that shopping ban I vowed to see through? Well, screw that! Need to do some mourning at a mall with my Peso friends.


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  1. I am so sorry for the untimely passing of your dear clogs. When Jord the dog was still living with me, I had to make sure my beloved shoes are somewhere out of his reach. I wouldn’t really know what to do had it happened to one of my pairs. But, really, with a face like the shoe killer’s, I wouldn’t give it a toss.

    I have just bought a new pair. Yay. And you should know by now that I couldn’t live up to my role as your watchdog. Boo! So, what have you bought?

    • Thanks for the comforting words. Haha. Feel better now already. Don’t worry, no bad feelings about you not being a ‘good’ and ‘strict’ shopping watchdog. I somehow knew we’d come to this point.

      To answer your question, went on an awesome Forever21 shopping spree (will post in a while). What shoes did you add to your collection? (though I know you’re not the type to blog about shoes) hehe

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