Eyelashes… extended!


Ok, I admit, that’s a crappy title. Patawad.

Me and my sisterette decided to get eyelash extensions: she for her “clubbing” themed Christmas party at work, me for an upcoming wedding of my friend. I’ve only had my lashes permed and it was just ho-hum-ok. I have really short and thin lashes so getting extensions is the next best thing for that “dark and heavy” peepers that I want.

I’ve wanted to do this for the longest time. I realized when I was working full-time, wherein my job involved going to parties and events, not once did I get my lashes permed or had a wax or wore heels as much as I wanted to. It hit me that I am more maarte now than before, maybe because I have more time to think about myself. Hehe.

Back to the program. So the two of us went to Lavish Lashes Studio, Calamba, Laguna branch. The staff were nice and accomodating (maybe because this branch is less visited compared to their Manila branches). The studio was in black and pink and clean and lined with comfy couches (sorry forgot to take pics).

What will happen is you’ll wash your face (no make-up dapat), lie down, close your eyes and they’ll do the rest. Unlike the normal eyelash extensions that you buy at the store, what they do is attach each strand to your normal lashes. The length of the lashes depends on your normal lashes (gosh, I’m so bad at this explaining thing). We chose the Fancy Look for P550. The staff were trying to convince us to get the Glamour Look with 150 lashes but since it was our first time, the Fancy Look with 45 lashes was fine with us.

This is how our lashes look before application (note: please excuse our oily foreheads. eww.)

before: had to depend on mascara for volume

sisterette's before lashes

First, they’ll plaster a few mini tapes around your eyes. Then they’ll start “gluing” the extensions on your lashes. When they start to apply the lashes, they tell you that it’ll burn a bit but for me, it felt more like itchiness (or maybe my pain threshold is high). As a finishing touch, they curl the lashes for that pilantik effect.

After about 45 minutes, this is how our peepers looked like:

after: longer and many-er lashes!

sisterette's after lashes

It’s not so evident in the photos but it’s much more obvious when seen in person (in person talaga?). Of course, the normal do’s and don’ts apply (eg. don’t wet the lashes for 24 hours, no mascara, no rubbing etc). The lashes will last for more than a month with proper care. Retouch is also available at P200 with free 10 lashes replacements.

Check out their website for more info. Oh, and if you do decide to try their services, tell them I referred you. Hehe. Time to bat those beautiful eyes! =)


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