Thesis stress. Then blogger love.


RRL books to read. Ugh.

Why in the world am I still so stressed after a dinner of lamb chops, good ‘ol shopping and a night at the spa?

I’ll tell you why: thesis. THESIS! I know I have no one else to blame (but myself for being a crammer) but, but, but it’s. so. hard. and. frustrating. and I have a self-imposed deadline which is kinda not self-imposed pala since I have to graduate soon. I absolutely HATE writing the Review of Related Literature (RRL) in any paper and that’s what I’m doing now. Can’t we just fast forward to data gathering already? Absolutely not, says the academicians.

Plus, I’m also stressing over this something that I want sooo badly yet seems not to be going the way I planned/ imagined/ prayed it would. And that something is something I can’t share yet. I have this habit of not telling people, even my close friends, my plans in life because I don’t want them to be disappointed in me if I don’t get/ do it. Maybe later.


Mother: What are you doing?

Me: Thesis.

Mother. Ahhh thesis.. yes, that’s the hardest part. You’ll literally shed blood, sweat and tears for it and over it.

Me: (in a desperate tone) So can you do my thesis for me then?

Mother: No.

sisterette gave me this Phineas and Ferb (fave!) notebook to be my de-stressor during thesis time

How supportive. You’d think after getting her Phd, she’d be more considerate. Hahaha! (so instead of doing my thesis for me.. as if naman.. she treated me on an all-expense date last night)

Moving forward, I know that I’ll be able to finish this *confidence level up!* (even if it takes years though hopefully would not be the case) because I remember I was this frustrated back in my undergraduate years and hey, look at me now. Was able to graduate (with flying colors pa akalain mo). Still…

But then, a blessing came to me in the form of Addie, one of the few bloggers I religiously follow (because she’s an  a-m-a-z-i-n-g blogger, I kid you not). I won’t spill the details yet; that deserves a separate post. But I just want to give a shout out and an imaginary bear hug to you, ehem, Babylove *grins from ear to ear* for making me smile in spite and despite of all my stressors! Super duper thanks Addie!!!! 😀

Now back to work, scholarly slave! *makes whipping sounds*

homemade cinnabon-ish snack. still my readings at the background

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