Birthday & Christmas wish list, uploaded!


I know it’s too late for my birthday wishlist since I am a Scorpio but my siblings promised me (no thanks to my brute  force) that they’ll combine their bday gift and their Christmas gift for me so syempre dapat mas bongga though I’m quite simple in terms of receiving gifts. Promise.

Every year, we send each other our lists and somehow, we’re able to buy all of the items on each other’s list without doubling any. I figured, better to make a blog about mine just in case “someone out there” wants to give me a present. *batting beautiful eyes*

Of course, I only mentioned the ‘realistic’ items. Didn’t exactly include ‘world peace’ or a LV speedy or a new Maserati.

Here goes (note: these are all needs, not wants. chos):

1. Apple VGA Adapter for iPad2 and/ or iPad2 Camera Connection kitGrabe, even with my wish list, work still comes first. I’ll be needing an adapter for my powerpoint presentations in class and school (which is one of the main reasons I bought an iPad).

2. Apple World Travel Adapter Kit – for the traveler in me. Need I say more?

3. A really cool laptop table/ tray with an attached pillow underneath (saw one in Rustan’s) – because the reason apparently why my Mac needed a new memory was because I kept putting my laptop on top of a pillow for long hours and the heat from the laptop couldn’t get out

4. Dark car window tint – so that I won’t be seen doing embarassing things while inside the tsikot (uy, hindi yung iniisip mo! bastus… haha! Embarassing moments like fetching our friend, the “booger.” hehehe. kidding.)

5. Espresso maker – I know, this is a long shot (cheapest I found was P20k) but since I’m doing my list anyway, why not go all the way? You know how much of a coffee addict I am. Even the authentic Italian mini espresso maker is fine with me

6. These shoesies! – I have been lusting over these (the Korean wedges and Dr. Martens boots and oh, I also want new pink or red or even gold high cut Chucks) for so many months now but was pushed back from my “to buy list” due to more pressing items. You might think this is a “want” but even our feet need pretty protection from walking, right? So it’s a “need.” Yes, lusot!










That’s all for now, folks. Can’t think of anything else that I want as of the moment. Well, actually I can but money can’t buy ’em. =)


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  1. I’m gonna ignore the first five items – as they all seem so alien to me, and jump right on to #6. The pair of wedges is also my lust, forget about want and need. I hope you get em. 😀

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