Wanna start a family? Build one in Nuvali


Yes, it rhymes. No, I am not an agent of Nuvali or of Ayala Lands (though I wish they’d pay me for this). But I do believe that if you want a really nice neighborhood for your (future) family, the Nuvali area is perfect. That is if you have an extra million or two.

I used to think eLBi (Los Banos) was the perfect place for starting a family since it’s near the university, has a somewhat simple culture and has the balanced combination of provincial and city life. I mean, my parents settled there and it turned out great for them. But with recent events and the place getting smaller and smaller, well, Nuvali is the next best alternative. Since sisterette lives in one of Ayala’s subdivisions, I’ve been able to experience and observe the neighborhood (feeling teritoryo ko.hehe) and I have to say, I am loving it.

Here’s why:

1. Western style neighborhood – the type where everyone calls out ‘good morning’ to passers by while walking their well taken care of pedigree dogs on their manicured lawns, the place where hanging clothes outside the house and taking care of roosters is forbidden and the ‘hood where you’ll probably meet kids named Scotty and Lexie
2. Wide, smooth roads, lots of trees and beautiful greenery – clean parks, gardens, sports fields and a man made lake
3. Up and coming Xavier and Miriam Colleges (plus La Salle Canlubang is also near)
4. Plans of building a High Street-ish mall is underway
5. Soon to come watersports arena
6. Located at the foot of Tagaytay
7. Their 4-story only building policy – meaning no high rise buildings will destroy the ‘nature’ vibe in the area
8. Tight security
9. No traffic – if driving through the high ways

These are just a few reasons but my favorite-est reason is Number 10: Stones throw away from fashion shops, restaurants, cafes and outlet shopping hubs (fave is the newly opened Solenad 2) – brands are Aldo, Nine west, Aerosoles, True Value, Serenitea, Sumosan, Recipes, to name a few (see photos below)

The subdivision is still in the works and there are still a lot of houses available. Sisterette mentioned that in only two years, the price of the units have already gone up by as much as 200,000Php. So if you have the moolah, I suggest you call the nearest Ayala agent you can get a hold of.


SALE in ALDO, like forever


Sumosan. super yummy sushi!


sushi galore!


oh yes, Army Navy gets the job done


favorite freedom fries and liberty iced tea


and of course, milk tea and froyo fix


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