New Year with the Binays at Makati


I am as tired as an athlete who just ran a marathon over the fields of the Philippines. What with all the driving and partying (not to mention the eating and laughing) over the holidays, all I want to do is lie down and play with the cat. But with today being the first day of January 2012, the date is simply dying to have a blog post of its own. So here we are.

As I mentioned in my last post, we spent the New Year in a hotel in Manila, just like last year. I’ll post on that one later. On the eve before January 1, the fam decided to check out what’s happening in Makati. So fun to drive around because there were only a few cars (a rare event in the city) out. When we got to Ayala Ave, in front of Manila Peninsula, we were welcomed by the city’s street party countdown. Sponsored by the local government and media network TV5, hosts were Mr. Foo and the sexy Iza Calzado (plus other comediennes).  There were a lot of games where the prizes were Blackberry units for the losers and an iPad2 for the winner (daya noh?) like this game wherein the contestants only had to stack and unstack a stack of cups. There were also a lot of production numbers, magic tricks and band performances plus mimes and men on stilts roaming the streets.

It was fun because it was really just one big party with literally hundreds of Pinoys and foreigners. There were lots of food stalls around and booze was sold in the streets. It was so fun too walking along the streets of the Stock Exchange building because there were no cars.

A few minutes before midnight, Makati Mayor Binay arrived followed by his father, the Vice President of the Philippines. The crowd went wild as everyone started counting down and when the clock hit 0, the whole of Makati shook as everyone jumped and screamed, kisses and hugs flew everywhere while the sky was filled with magical fireworks left and right. It was ku-ray-zeh! (read: crazy).

So I guess you can say we celebrated the New Year with the Binays. Haha!

And because I am a sleepy head, that is all for now. Will post a more coherent blog tomorrow. With that, a Happy 2012 to you! 🙂


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