Apple & cherry: my (fruity) gadgets


*Hilarious post ahead.* I don’t usually purchase stuff just for the sake of it, especially when it comes to electronics. I tend to go for functionality than structure. So you’ll find my fruity gadgets quite tasty.

Any apple lover would agree: those gadgets with the bitten apple are really quality for your money. For example, I’ve had my itouch since the year the first generation came out and up to now, I am still using it inspite of the fact that I’ve dropped it a dozen of times (the two feet drops ++, at that) and it has never had any protective casing since the start. It actually has a few dents already but still works nicely. Same goes with my Mac book. Now with the newest addition of an iPad, this will certainly be useful and light weight for my PowerPoint presentations as well as for easy blogging (yey!) and note taking (I’ve drafted 5 posts already in less than 3 hours the first day I bought it).

the apple family

But.. For my mobile use (and this is the star of the post, actually), I have the (tan-ta-na-nan) the ever trusty and cheap-ly Cherry Mobile! Complete with dual sim features, a decent camera, a built in radio and (ehem) TV and an antenna that doubles as a pointer or a stick for bopping people’s head. Haha! Plus, it’s shock proof. Well, not really but with the numerous times I’ve dropped my phone, it should be.


you should buy one of these

It is now losing the letters ‘p,q,r and s,’ the monitor has stains on it, the casing is cracked, the keypad is missing a few buttons (remind me to buy a new one) and the phone dies after every call I make or receive. Seriously, this is my phone. Mind you, I’ve tried the slider, the touch and even the flip phones but I’ve never really been a phone person. I’m not a fan of taking or making calls (weird, I know). I don’t even answer calls from unregistered numbers. I don’t fancy texting that much unless the message is important, the person texting me is important or I have unlimited credits. Haha! I even forget to check my phone for days (which gets me in trouble with the bosses).

My sister is trying to convince me that we transfer to the Blackberry. Though that’s gonna be a long shot for me, I figured, that would yet be another fruity addition to my platter of gadgets. Yummy.


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  1. Andami kong tawa dun sa part na para sa Cherry mobile hahaha! Para dun sa shock proof na part, naalala ko yung Cherry ng kaibigan ko na mukang calculator, nalaglag sya ng kaibigan ko tas yun! Dumami na yung phone nya. Naging x3 sya hahahaha

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