3 cheese Spinach Lasagna: Healthy & Yummy!!!


super yummy and healthy pasta!

As much as I would like to take credit for this super delicious meal, it was my sister’s masterpiece. She got the recipe for this Simple Spinach Lasagna from Allrecipes.com. But instead of cottage cheese, she used 1 whole box of Philadelphia cream cheese. Imagine, cream cheese, parmesan and mozzarella cheese in one pasta! OK, so maybe it’s not as healthy as some of us want, but it is a must-try!!!

For the spinach, we bought a few boxes at the S&R membership shopping (this huge store which sells imported products with branches in Makati & Alabang) but only used 1 box. I love that store because it has everything you need! If you can’t visit their stores, there’s also fresh spinach in SM groceries. I love spinach in meals because it makes me strong like Popeye. Haha! A few alternatives for the spinach: try our local kangkong or even talbos ng kamote (haven’t tried these though, lemme know how it turns out).

Since we still had olives and sun-dried tomatoes in our fridge, my sister improvised and added those too. Result: super yummy, super rich and somewhat healthy lasagna!


the minor but equally yummy characters in our meal

For the other elements of the meal, we had fresh garden salad with light vinaigrette dressing and basil breadsticks from S&R (to balance the flavors of the pasta) and for dessert, homemade Andes mint chocochip cookies (you know how much I love anything mint-y) and voila! The perfect 3-cheese spinach lasagna to start the week on a high note!


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