My first Traffic Violation Ticket. Bow.


So much for waking up with fresh flowers on the table. Haha! Was planning on a whole day of crunching on my thesis when I suddenly had to do some errands. Now, what’s ironic about this day was the fact that for some reason, while driving, I was thinking to myself, “If I would get a ticket for violating the law, I would prefer to get it in Laguna.” I kid you not when I say that that happened.

I guess the saying ‘Be careful what you wish for” is really true because within an hour of thinking that thought, I got pulled over. I cringed since I’m really not fond of law enforcers. And you know what my violation was? Driving without a seatbelt. Both me and my passenger. Grrr. So stupid of me! I guess I’m just used to not wearing a seatbelt when driving around Laguna (southbound).

one of the 'rites of passage' of being a driver - getting a ticket

This is actually my second caught-in-the-act violation. I don’t know how many times I’ve been flagged down before but thanks to my Fast and the Furious skills, was able to dodge them. My first caught-in-the-act violation, which was very traumatic for me, was when I got pulled over for swerving lanes going to the Mall of Asia in Manila. This happened when I was a new driver so believe me, I was petrified at the time. What’s the most logical thing for someone like me to do? I bribed the traffic enforcer, of course (bad, I know. Will never do that, promise.). But not without his encouragement.

Traffic Enforcer: “Alam mo bang bawal mag-swerve doon?” (Honestly, I didn’t think I did anything wrong. He just needed cash for his merienda.) “P5,000 ang fine tapos kukunin ko pa lisensya mo. Hassle pa kasi kukunin mo lisensya mo sa LTO. Malayo yun… Eh, mapapag-usapan naman natin yan eh.. Konting ano lang...yada yada yada

By the end of that 5minute pit stop, I handed him a P500 bill. Again, stupid of me for giving him such a large bill but to my defense, I was scared shizless and actually didn’t have any smaller bill. In fairness to him, he guided me out back to the traffic. Wah-wah.

Going back to present day, I commend that traffic enforcer for being “professional.” I actually didn’t have any plans of bribing him or of using my charms. He explained my violation, handed me my ticket and ended by saying ‘It’s better to be safe than sorry.’ Naks.

As much as I don’t want to say the word But.. But! I do think they should also be as vigilant in apprehending drivers with heavier and bigger violations like ‘Allowing passengers on top of MV,’ ‘Reckless driving,’ and one of my favorites – ‘Driving without a helmet.’ But again, lesson learned. I was wrong and I have to face the consequences.

Ironic because I’ve actually stopped driving like Speed Racer for months now but lo and behold, a ticket. Pfft. Want to hear another ironic thing? On the way home, my passenger still had to remind me to put on my seatbelt. Hindi na natuto. Haha. (sighs) How I miss those days when I was always the passenger (cue Passenger Seat by Stephen Speaks).

So now.. I am officially a driver. 🙂


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  1. Gosh, it’s been ages since I last heard Passenger Seat. Nice one.

    I don’t have a car, let alone know how to drive but this post made me recall that time when friends and I had an encounter with a traffic enforcer. Friend the driver really did violate the law and just before Mr. Officer could confront us, she told me to ready my Puss-in-boots look. Mr. Officer let us go in less than 5 minutes. 😛

  2. Nabasa ko sa magazine na di ko na papangalanan na wala naman daw talagang salita o batas na “swerving” sa LTO. Ang meron daw, yung nagsasabi na mali ang pag lipat ng lane ng hindi gumagamit ng signal light. Pati yung pag kumpiska ng lisensya, sabi sakin ng kakilala kong law student, bawal din daw yun. Naaalala ko tuloy yung unang beses na nahuli ako. MTPB nakahuli sakin. Beating the red light daw ang kaso ko. E nung mag red yung stoplight, nasa gitna nako ng kalsada. Alangan naman na tumigil ako dun diba? Nakakainis lang talaga yung mga traffic enforcers dito sa Pinas.

    Anyway, next time, mag seat belt ka na! Hahaha rakenrol!

    • Daming loopholes at kalokohan ang mga “batas” natin. Mas madami pa ngang baliw at ‘mali’ magdrive keysa sakin, di naman nahuhuli/ hinuhuli. Oh well, Manuel. Only in the Pilipines. Hahaha! 😀

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