Never thought my simple joys would involve the word ‘job’



yummy doggy treats (try it yourself. hehe

Simple joy #1: Being able to successfully and single-handedly teach my dog her second command – “down.” My sister was the one who taught Toffee the command ‘sit’ and now, after about half a kilo of doggy treats and approximately 60 minutes for 2 days later, Toffee knows how to lie down just by hearing one word. Job well done for me and my pet.


Goodbye, cutix!









Simple joy #2: It’s been 2 years since my last job interview for my current job(s) and in 2 days, will go through that again. Another nerve wracking, pee inducing job interview. Can’t believe I’m saying this but am excited, nervous and happy regardless if I get the job. The only downside of this is that I have to take off my perfectly beautiful, newly applied and favorite color of nail polish for me to ‘look’ professional for the interview (thanks nail-a-holics and Orly nail polish for the great experience, by the way). Wouldn’t want to look like a purple-tipped witch. 🙂


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  1. I was gonna go to Nail-A-Holics (Eastwood) today to have my nails done pero sinumpong ako ng pagkakuripot. Bumili na lang ako ng acetone.

    And good job, Toffee and mom. Go for the next command. 😀

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