Big Bang’s Howard loves P.F. Chang’s too


So what’s the craze about the newly opened P.F. Chang’s at Alabang Town Center?


the horse that will welcome you

I gotta say I’m no Chinese food fan. For me, the food’s the same as North Park or Big Buddha. BUT I do have to give one big whoop! for the interior of the restaurant. Super classy, very cozy and roomy (unlike the other crowded-like-it’s-a-cafeteria Chinese restos). The receiving area looks like that of a hotel (so you dont mind waiting for a seat because the place at lunchtime is pa-acked) and when you look up, even the ceiling is well designed. Check out the view of the bar from the 2nd floor, wouldn’t you wanna have drinks and get picked up at a bar like that?


the nice floor layout

Plus, the waiters are actually trained by their American counterparts who flew all the way from, you guessed it, the country where it all started, the USA. And they were trained well: good, fast and efficient service for your money!

We do love their iced teas, both the jasmine and the tamarind. Must try too: mango peach mint smoothie (in photo).


yummy pancit

So who’s Howard that he is worthy to be mentioned in the title? Only one of the four geekiest and awesomest guys in television who happens to love P.F. Chang’s that he even mentioned it (a few times already) in the award winning sitcom, Big Bang Theory, which I am addicted to. A part of the episode goes a little like this:

Leonard (to Howard): “Hey, what are you and Bernadette doing for your first Valentine’s Day?”

Howard: “Yeah, I’m pulling out all the stops. There’s a $39.95 lover’s special at P.F. Chang’s. Egg rolls, dumplings, bottomless wok, and you get your picture taken on the big marble horse out front.”


the marble horse out front

Yes, they do have a big marble horse out front. Two, actually. To tell you the truth, I just wanted to try out the resto for the sake of referencing Howard. 🙂


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