An effective reading tip they don’t tell you


Since I was a kid, every time I go to the loo to, hum, well, you know, I always tend to read anything I can get my hands on, which usually was the stuff found in the restroom. That meant I read the back labels of shampoo packets, conditioner bottles, even toothpaste tubes. Later on, our family would just leave magazines for whoever’s reading pleasure.

I remember when I went to Canada for a vacation, I saw a bunch of Archie comics under my relative’s sink. I was delighted since I looove Archie. My cousin later on told me, “those comics are poop reading material.” gag.

Ok so I’m getting off topic now. Back to the tip. If you keep on making excuses that you don’t have the time to read anymore, then my tip would be: read while you’re on the royal throne. Forget the magazines or labels of toiletries. Instead grab a book or novel that you’d like to finish though haven’t started yet and read while doing your business. Then leave the book there until the next time you need “to go.”

Trust me, based on experience, it’s effective. Within a few months, I’m already in the middle of this thick book by James Clavell. Not exactly restroom material since his books are amazing but I’ve found I’ve been enslaved to the Internet so it’s usually in the loo when I have time off. Haha!

Forget the usual reading tips that don’t work for you. Grab a book, head to the toilet, sit your pretty little butt and start going through the pages! 🙂



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