DIY: From slippers to accessory


DIY. Do-it-yourself. This is actually my first DIY project. OK, I admit, I didn’t do it myself per se. It was my concept then I just asked our helper to implement it. Haha! Technically it was my idea still 🙂


Anyway, I had a few beads left from my now defunct Bangkok slippers thanks to a little playful creature, just like the one below, so I decided to utilize them. Instead of throwing them out, I had our helper sew the beads together then I bought black and red laces, braided them and voila! Instant old-new statement necklace.


On another slightly related note, I think our countrymen should be more DIYers. I may sound like a hypocrite (but J, you didn’t even sew the necklace!) but I think we should start bussing our own tables in fast food chains (my family does exercise cleaning our own mess most of the times), filling up our own car gas tanks, painting our own walls, building our own cabinets and so on and so forth. I understand that labor here is so cheap, you can probably pay someone to scratch your own butt if you wanted to (we’re that spoiled). Plus the fact that they say we need to provide jobs for Pinoys, hence, these types of work. I guess in some ways, Pinoys are DIYers eg. taking justice into their own hands, gluing clothes even if there’s a lot of holes, filling hungry tummies with rugby when government won’t provide food for them etc. OK, those are bad examples. I know Pinoys have a lot of good DIYs like cooking own food, washing own cars etc.

Ever notice we dont have that much DIY stores like Ikea or other specialty assemble-it-yourself shops as much as in countries abroad? Wouldn’t it be nice if we do most things by ourselves if need be? Become more independent? This deserves a lot more debate but I’m too lazy to do that so I’ll end with a period.

And yes, I scheduled this post on Labor Day.

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