Book? Box? Book-a-box!


At first glance, it looks like a vintage book from the 1930s. But once you carry it, it doesn’t weigh much since it’s, tada!, a box! I was attracted to the vintage-y design of the covers plus I love the fact that they’re ‘fun’: pretty boxes posing as books which don’t end up like eye sore!


I put my itouch near the boxes so you get an idea how big they are (1st photo).


Aren’t they just cute? Was able to snatch this at (which offers a lot of discounted items.) But just a tip. Before clicking the ‘buy’ button on gropoun sites like dealdozen, ensogo etc, make sure you really are getting a “good deal.” I remember I saw a notebook which looked like Lego (the toy) being sold in one of the sites and it was so adorable and nostalgic to look at, I was half tempted to buy it since they say it’s “limited stock.” But I figured I still have a lot of notebooks so I didn’t buy it. The next day, saw the same notebook at a local store for a lower price. So remember, let’s not be too “trigger happy” and just be a tad more careful when it comes to online shopping. I probably should take my own advice. Gah.


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  1. They look very artistic! Do you think you find a way to use them purposefully or aesthetically?
    Back home I use to visit a local flea market to scavenge old almost antiques, I did found few good stuff & some I thought it will of good use but some how ended up being in storage. The unfortunate part, couldn’t bring more than half of the stuff here. I know a friend who spends couple of hours daily on eBay & craigslist to hunt for potential rare items.

    • I also like looking for vintage inspired pieces but only once in a while. It seems the boxes are more for aesthetic purposes since I haven’t put anything in it yet, hehe.

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