Pinoy pride: chocolate with siling labuyo (chili)


Dark chocolate with a hot chili flavor.* Weird? Probably. For someone who loves chilis and chocolates, it was a must try. 20120601-112653.jpg

Making chili as a flavor for desserts isn’t an uncommon trend. In a region of the Philippines, Bicol, they even have an ice cream flavored “siling labuyo.” (Those are the small red chilis that are super hot.)

I tried the chili-chocolate and the first thing you taste is the chocolate. Nothing special. And then, just when you thought there was nothing to it, the hot chili kicks in.

I love spicy, hot food and have a high tolerance for chilis but I prefer my chocolates to be just that, sweet. I did find it interesting (and inspiring) though that at the back of the packet was this line:

By the Philippines, for the Philippines, of the Philippines


*Note: This chocolate is from an organic shop at the mall Podium. I also saw a similar product at the European shop, Mark & Spencers, if you’d like to try it.


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  1. i was introduced to the chili chocolate by unit 16 sweets. i saw them in a food fair and i thought spicy chocolate was truly interesting. i love that scribble. makes you proud to be filipino.

    • You’re lucky you don’t love chocolates. Haha. Though a Bicolana who doesn’t like spicy food? Odd. But I guess you make up for it for your spicy life. Haha!

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