Do your own mix at Yakimix



This beautiful chandelier is the first thing that will welcome you once you go inside the eat-all-you-can buffet at Yakimix. Yakimix is most known, aside from the numerous food choices, for the fact that you have to cook some of the food yourself via grill. Each table has its own grill. You choose your ingredients/ raw food then you cook it yourself. Fresh meal at its finest.20120601-111928.jpg

My sister has been hyping this restaurant to me for the longest time so I was very excited to try it. Where better to treat my family than in Yakimix. They have everything: sushi, desserts, salad, noodles, rice, dumplings, cooked viands and the never ending row upon row of uncooked seafood and meats in different sauces and marinades. A food lovers heaven.


With such a variety of choices and the ‘fun’ of cooking the food yourself, and since we ate during dinner, each person has to pay P660 (I think cheaper for children and during lunch). The food was great I guess though I won’t be eating there everyday since I’m not an eat-all-you-can fan wherein there should be no leftovers. Plus, was really disappointed in the service of Yakimix branch in The Podium. Had to wait for nearly an hour for our bill and they didn’t even advise us that they couldn’t accept payment via credit card (at the time).


Nonetheless, if you want to pig out when you’re in Manila, consider dropping by Yakimix for a hefty meal with “some assembly required.”


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