The many faces of Carlos Celdran: The “Walk This Way” Imelda tour


I’ve read in numerous blogs about the awesome tour of Carlos Celdran. Carlos is known for being quirky, animated and with a mind of his own who is not afraid to tell the world of his thoughts and opinions, however bizarre or unreal they may be. I think he truly came into public scrutiny when he was arrested and put into prison for disrupting a mass while posing as national hero Jose Rizal.


Carlos walking from afar; his tools: an ipad and speaker

As you can see in his photos below, well, I couldn’t get a decent photo because he was so kulit – moving around and flinging his arms here and there as he guides us through the tour. For this particular tour, we walked with him and learned more about one of the Philippines’ most notorious celebrities and politician – Imelda Marcos.


The ever hyper Carlos

Everytime we’d reach a destination, he’d take off his fedora hat and start his storytelling. When we need to move and walk to another location, he’d wear his hat, turn on the music from his player and shout, “Walk this waaaay!!!!”


The participants: both foreigners and Filipinos

Though it was raining cats and dogs that day, the tour must go on! It was indoors and started at the famed CCP in Manila. Taking of photos was not allowed inside. We walked with Carlos to the different rooms of CCP while he amusingly told stories and gossip about the life of Imelda.

Few fun facts: if not for the Marcoses, I would not be able to enjoy the gorgeous theater which hosts numerous international plays and I would not have had the chance to work at the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Plus, they were also responsible for shutting down my former employer, media giant, ABS-CBN.

I won’t spill what Carlos shared so as not to spoil the Carlos experience once you decide to do it. And I won’t go as far as say that they were one of the best leaders in Philippine history (we were considered a developed country during their time) but they did do a few good things for the country.


Some of the sights at PICC

We rode a jeepney going to the nearby PICC. Usually, participants would just walk since it was near but because of the rain, Carlos hired two jeeps for us. A good experience for the foreigners though. His only props during the three-hour tour were his ipad, speakers, two folders filled with blown up photos, his good memory for details and his gift of gab.


Carlos throughout the tour

Of the three of us who went there, my mom was the most amused. Maybe because she could totally relate to the stories which most happened during her time. But again, the tour is a must do when you visit Manila. 3 hours yet totally not boring. Filled with gossips, half truths and funny yet disturbing stories, the Walk this Way Imelda tour will definitely make you open your eyes to the history of Imelda and think twice about everything Marcos.


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