Magnum coffee cappuccino


(Live update from Malaysia! I am currently on a train ride going to Putrayjaya)

Magnum is such a craze in Manila. I remember when it was launched, there was an ‘Oscars’ inspired red carpet event with the hottest celebrities and personalities of the country. Frankly, that was so overboard for a simple ice cream On a stick.

But I guess the hype worked because before I knew it, people were hoarding their Magnum fix that at a time, stores always ran out of stock. In Manila, there are only three flavors – classic, chocolate truffle and almond.


Imagine my surprise when I found a choco-cappuccino flavored Magnum in the local grocery at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The price is the same and the flavor is still good. There are caramelized bits on the chocolate and when you bite into it, there are vanilla and cappuccino swirls inside. I heard there’s a white chocolate variant in other parts of the globe.

Was kinda hoping I’d find a matcha-green tea flavored Magnum to suit Malaysia’s tastes.


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  1. As I’m not a fan of ice cream, so there’s no going gaga over Magnum in me. I’m addicted to 7-11’s Fundae Froyo, though.

    Seems like you’re having the time of your life over there. Rock it!

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