Waves in the city


No, this isn’t like the tsunamis in Japan but believe me, there are tidal waves in Manila every year. Blame it on the country’s location for always being hit by typhoons or the crappy sewer system or constant littering of everyone but as sure as there is corruption, there is flooding in Manila.


Even my cowboy boots couldn’t protect me from the knee high tides, aka baha, of the streets of Taft, Manila. Before long, I could feel my socks and feet getting wet from a combination of rain water, sewer bits, garbage juice and rat piss. Yum.

My photo above doesn’t even capture half of the reality during these times (which I took on a bus on the way home while we were stuck, literally stuck, in traffic).

Will our situation never improve? Can’t we solve this classic problem? Years and years and still the same old scenario. The only ones happy during these floods are the little kids who play and swim around their huge greyish black pool.


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  1. A truly delectable cocktail of street swill and saving your boots would have been to invite a tetanus shots and prolonged course of antibiotics. Actually it sounds like it might have been an idea to have got the tetanus shot and antibiotics anyway…

  2. Look at the bright side. City Govt. is giving you opportunity to have a feel of Venice right at home! Might want to think of investing into inflatable gondola 🙂

    • Hahaha! Oh wow, now that’s a positive thinker! Amazing! And yes I guess, thank you city government and typhoon for the opportuniy. Hehe 🙂

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