E-clearance: The easiest and fastest way to get your NBI clearance (in less than 10mins)


“I was in and out of the NBI clearance center in less than 10 mins.. tops!”

Yes, fellow kababayans, you read that right. Less than 10 mins and I already held in my hands my NBI clearance.

I hate getting needed documents in government agencies simply because of the long lines, slow service, unfriendly people and the long, long lines (did I say that already?) But alas, I need to get a new NBI clearance for purposes of travel and there is no way but to deal with it head on.

Now just a little side story. When I was still working for ADB in Ortigas, I would sometimes pass by the NBI office in Robinson’s Galleria at around 5pm and everytime I would, the guard there would always offer an application form to me, saying there were still slots. Everyone knows Gallerie has a quota of 300 slots if I’m not mistaken so people who go there get in line at 4am just to get a number. But because of my experience, I was confident I would still get in even at 5pm. But I was wrong. Plus, I was really saddened by the news that the NBI no longer honors the NBI clearance renewal card (wherein you can just get your clearance at kiosks around the metro).

Because of that, I decided to just get my clearance at the main office. After much research and texting of friends, I learned that the main NBI clearance center is no longer in Carriedo but now in UN Ave, Taft (not the one along the highway) which was fine with me since my work place was near that. It’s just a few minutes away from LRT UN Ave station and right beside World Health Organization (if I read the office right).

Anyway, back to the easiest and fastest way to get you NBI clearance. It’s this magical website (updated):


There’s a step by step procedure in their website so I won’t repeat that. But basically, you fill out a form and pay the fee which can all be done in 5mins or less. Since I am all for ‘disseminating useful knowledge and helping other people out,’ I want to share this since I don’t think most Pinoys know about this easy and convenient way of applying for their clearance (I only learned about it last night). That and also the fact that there are still a lot of Filipinos who don’t have access to the internet.

Anyway, just sharing how I did it. I applied online, filled out the form and paid P135 via Gcash (which later on I found out that there’s no more need to add the P20 fee so technically you should just pay P115 for employment or traveling purposes), printed out the code and booked an appointment for the next day via text.

Remember: slippers, shorts, sleeveless and sandos are not allowed inside the center. There were even ‘jelly shoes’ vendors outside just in case you were in tsinelas. Bring one valid ID.

Going inside the office at 2:30pm, there were about a 100 people still applying manually. No lines for me. I went directly to the 4th floor to the e-clearance office and OMG, there were no applicants! I kid you not. Most of the e-clearance staff were young which I found interesting. I gave my printed code, the girl asked me a couple of questions like occupation etc, showed her my ID and Gcash receipt and got my picture and digital finger prints taken. Then off to the ground floor for the… ten-tene-nen… releasing of the form!

I was in and out of the NBI clearance center in less than 10 minutes.. including the bag checking at the entrance, a pee break, the elevator ride and my question-asking to the staff.

Amazing, amazing, amazing.

Plus, know how most government employees are very impersonal when it comes to these kinds of services? Well, the lady at the counter even made small talk with me, which is refreshing since I really don’t feel comfortable in the NBI office.

I really thank and commend the NBI team for their fast and convenient service! I hope other government agencies will follow their lead. And this is my way of sharing this info to other Filipinos so that they too can avail of this super duper awesome service. Kudos, NBI team!


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  1. Ohhhh!

    My boyfriend’s uncle told me that he spent 5 hours just to get his NBI clearance. Hmm, he took the normal process. Since then, I was discouraged to apply for a new one.

    Thank you for the information! ^^ Now I know what to do 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for this. 😀
    Question po sa payment, sa gcash I have an option sa phone to send through there, do I still need to print the confirnation or can I just show the sms when I go to rob galleria?

  3. Very informative.. ! Do you happen to know if it is also that fast for people like me who have “hits” when getting their nbi clearance?

    • You could try Robinsons Galleria although you have to get there early since a lot of people line up. Not sure though if they have e-clearance there already.. Good luck! 🙂

  4. I tried this but unfortunately G-Cash was making me go through hell to activate the service, so I ended up just doing it the old school way instead kasi ganun din yung hassle. Oh well towel!

  5. Hi ask ko lang,if until now may e-clearance prin, nagpunta kasi ako ng robinsons cainta sa junction and according sa guard, may pumipila na ng 3am but the nbi there open at 10am, meron din kaya e-clearance dun?

  6. Hi for added info lang, mas okay magbayad sa mga globe center payment yung mga nasa mall, ive tried it naman, sila yung magsend ng gcash sa nbi which is 140 but may service fee na 20 kaya total payment is 160. May ibibigay naman receipt included yung transaction date and time. Nakapgtxt nrin ako for the schedule by tomorrow sa rob metroeast and hopefully, indi ako abutin ng hapon just to get my nbi.. thanks din for the info.. hindi nga lahat ng tao nakakaalam ng e clearance n yan..

  7. for update, ive already got my nbi sa metroeast, whoah! wala pang 15 min, narelease agad, i thought walang pila dun but pagdating sa center, sa labas ng parking lot ng level 4, ang haba ng pila, matanda, teenager, grabe! parang gusto ko sila isa isahin just to say na mag-online na lang sila, but xmpre i know na super aga nila dun. sana nga alam ng lahat yung e-clearance.. hayz…

    • Hi jlapis,

      just a short question.. Did you go to NBI main office to claim your clearance ? or i can get it from the outlet using my gcash reference number?.. ty

      • I went to the main office since it was near my workplace.. Though I think you can get it from other centers, kindly double check na Lang. Thanks. 🙂

      • Hi francis, just click na lang the link above dun s mga napost ko, andun lahat un mga eclearance centers na pede mo puntahan n mas malapit sau basta dont forget n upon ngregister k online, mgtxt kna agad sa nbi for your schedule of release, mbilis lang un promise!!! 🙂

  8. Just wanna say thanks to tread starter
    Makuha ko na NBI ko sa main
    Medjo naging 20 mins for exact bago na release
    May ka name ako may kasong rape
    Nag pa attorney pa ako
    Pero mabilis na din un

  9. Hi,
    I have been reading blogs about how long it really takes to get an NBI clearance… this is after I applied one today Fernando Pampanga and got a namesake and I have to go back on the 22nd of July and today is 2oth of June! God Almighty! I didnt kjnow it takes that long! I need it much earlier than that for I need it for my NVC documents submission. Do you happen to know is it ok to re apply again in the main office without problems? and do you happen to know how long it takes to get the NBI clearance with a namesake? From what I read so far even in the far away provinces, it doest take that long to release it even with a namesake and I am talking about Pampanga here which I think is insane to have it release after a month?????

    Thank you! Looking forward to hearing back from you…

    • Hi! Wow, one month! That is insane. In themain office, I know that if you have a hit or a namesake, it only takes a week before you can come back. Maybe o could try it out? Hope it ends well! 🙂

  10. Hi, thank you so much. This is very informative. May I ask if NBI automatically sets the schedule for you and that is the following day after registration or once can set his/her own schedule?

    • Hi! You can set/ choose your own preferred schedule then they’ll send a text confirming your schedule. You then go to the NBI office on your set schedule. Some say you can set your schedule even within the day you processed online though I had my schedule two days after I did the online process. Hope this helps!

  11. Hullo. Just want to ask how many digits does the gcash reference number have? I’ve been typing the same thing but the nbi site doesn’t validate it it’s starting to get annoying. So I thought, maybe the whole thing was not printed completely on the receipt? Is that even possible? Thank you!

    • Naku, I can’t remember exactly. Maybe you could ask their service/ help center? I think may contact number sila sa site if nagkakaproblem.. Hope that helps. Good luck!

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  13. hi! s it ok f i’ll go at Main office afternoon time? i applied online but d pa ako nakabayad…na print ko na rin yung form with my details kasama na yung code sa taas ng form.

    • If I remember correctly, via gcash, pag mag bayad ka na, they’ll ask what time and date ka dadaan sa main office. So kelangan mag appointment. Good luck!

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