Starbucks’ flavored syrups: the cheaper choice



Remember my post on the cheap alternative for Starbucks’ coffee? Well, now I discovered a Starbucks product that is actually a cheap alternative to another product.

Presenting, a cheaper dupe to Torani’s flavored syrups: Starbucks’ flavored syrup! *insert music here*

I am a huge coffee-holic and in one of my past posts, I shared that I like adding a tablespoon of flavored syrup to my coffee for that gourmet-ish taste. I used to buy Torani, which is the brand used in most coffee shops here, from the specialty shop Gourdo’s priced at P315 for a P375ml bottle. You can just imagine my surprise when I visited one of the Starbucks’ branches and found same sized bottles of syrups for almost half the price at P165 each!


So what did a coffee junkie like me do? Hoarded of course! Haha. They have three flavors – Hazelnut, Vanilla and Caramel. I’m not sure if there’s a difference in taste compared to Torani’s but it’s not bad as an additional shot to your usual brewed coffee.

Here’s to finding a cheaper alternative for flavored syrups in Starbucks and to breaking stereotypes that everything in Starbucks is expensive. Well, at least here in Manila.


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  2. any branch ba ng starbucks meron nitong syrup o pili lng na kng pili man na braches san ito??pls. pls. paki sagot nmn..thank you👍😚

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