Typhoon season: same old flood stories


Been reading and watching news about the wrath of the typhoon here in Manila and frankly, I’m sick of it. Floods here, floods there. Let’s pray for these people, let’s donate some goods, let’s help the stranded.

It’s the same shiz every freaking year. Typhoon. Floods. People in distress. Asking God and government to save the “victims.” On repeat every year for the past ‘n’ years.

Have we not learned anything? It has been the same scenario for so many years! Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.” Well, we then are crazy.

Not to sound like the bad guy here but we shouldnt all just be “aww, kawawa naman sila” or “grabe naman ang ulan” or “ipagdasal na Lang natin sila.” Sure, helping is good but There are actual solutions so that we can eventually eradicate this problem. Of course, it’s quite impossible to give our sewage system an immediate make-over but I’m a firm believer in one of the simplest solutions – disposing of your garbage properly. Garbage is one of the major reasons for flooding. How many times have I seen people just carelessly throw their cigarettes or candy wrappers and other trash out in the streets and then they’re shocked we have flooding in th city?!

Let’s stop this madness.

And since I know this is such a short, incomplete post on the subject, here’s a cute photo of my two cats during the height of the “typhoon” so that you’d excuse me. 🙂


Big brother Zazzles protecting & comforting lil sister Luna during the heavy rains. >_<


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  1. Seeing the floods one the news. Sounds like you`re not (directly) affected and I hope that this indeed the case. Take care and keep your fans updated.

      • Well take care and make sure that before walking in flood waters that your tetanus, typhoid, cholera, hepatitis vaccinations are up to date… shame that they can’t vaccinate against the rat piss leptospirosis thingy. Hope your boots have recovered from their last immersion.

        • Well, someone like me doesn’t need vaccinations anymore. I think I’m immune already. Too much foreign particles in my system. Haha, I was supposed to buy some rubber boots at a local store to give my other boots a rest but they ran out of rubber boots. Oh well, the sun is coming out here so I guess the roads will dry up now

          • Sorry about the double comment. I forgot to put my details in and thiought it had got bounced for being anonymous. I built a lot of immunity as a kid in Trinidad where I used to get gastroenteritis on an annual basis. The kaolin and morphine that my mother made me take was really gross.

      • Glad you’re OK and before wading in flood waters please make sure that your tetanus, typhoid, cholera, hepatitis vaccinations are fully up to date. Shame that they can’t vaccinate against that leptospirosis thingy. I hope that your boots are now full recovered form their previous immersion.

  2. from last rescue operations at relief goods distribution at sa ngayon, malaki naman ang difference mam. some POs already know what to do kapag may nagbabantang delubyo sa area nila. may sense din (pala) ang education ng mga tao. although syempre, ang dami pang dapat i-hypnotize para pumasok sa kukote nila na ang mga iresponsableng gawain nila (parehong mamayan at namumuno). Pero totoo, nakakapagod na lang ang paulit-ulit na istorya ng baha at kung anu-ano pang shiz.

    • Madami namang tama ang ginagawa, pero mas madami ang matitigas ang ulo (ayaw mag Evacuate, inaabuso ang kalikasan, tumitira sa Hindi dapat etc). Makukulit talaga ang ibang Pinoy. We can only do so much 🙂

      • totoo. Minsan nga napaisip ako kung hanggang saan ang relief operations na gagawin? Para kasing ang nangyayari natotolerate na lang ang mga pwede naman na hindi na tulungan. Pero ayun nga, hanggang saan ang pagtulong at hanggang saan na dapat dumistansya ang mga NGOs at civic welfare groups para akuin ng gobyerno ang trabaho na ipatupad ang pinakamaayos na programa para hindi na maulit ang baha shiz.

        In a totally unrelated matter, ang pangit lang ng avatar ko sa blog site mo. Booo!

        • Right on! I couldnt have said it better. Ung iba kasi mapreprevent naman sana yun nga Lang. I guess may “Asa” factor ang bang Tao, Asa sa gobyerno, NGO, media etc. At tama ka, may hangganan din ang tulong.

          Wala ka ngang avatar eh! Haha. Mag wordpress ka na Lang kasi 🙂

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