One of the greatest love stories: The Secretary


Before the sucky 50 Shades of Grey, there have already been love stories involving BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism). The independent film The Secretary is one of them. In my eyes, the film is one of the greatest love stories ever.


With a cast of Maggie Gyllenhaal (Lee Holloway) and James Spader (E. Edward Grey), the story simply is about how a masochist (the secretary) and a sadist (the boss) find love in their own quirky, unconventional and unexpected way. There really is someone perfect out there for you, I guess.

Side note:
the masochist’s surname is also Grey but for the record, The Secretary was done in 2002. Don’t know about 50 Shades but I refuse to do any research on that.

I remember we had an assignment in college where we had to show a clip of film we thought was inspirational or moving or something like that. While my classmates showed sappy films like 10 things I hate about you and Notting Hill, I chose The Secretary. I showed my favorite part of the film which was when Grey had to bath Holloway (where they showed her full, naked body.) It was my favorite because the moment was so tender, so gentle and soft which was such a striking, opposite gesture from Grey’s character. My film was cut off short by my professor, obviously.

Point at hand: The Secretary is one of my fave films simply because it’s a love story not everyone can relate to and it was portrayed in a classy and tasteful way. It shows a part of society that is real, present and still frankly a taboo. Not everyone will like it because let’s admit it, not everyone likes to see truths that don’t appeal to them.

“Screw Beauty and the Beast. That’s the love story Disney should tell.”


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  1. Feisty. ako rin yoko rin magsign up sa 50shadesoffuckinggrey hehe.
    hmm mapanood ko nga rin yang The Secretary. 🙂 greatest lovestory ha.
    nood ka rin ng Before Sunrise gandang lovestory nun.

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