Take that, Mr. Banana



The Philippines has one of the sweetest and most delicious tasting bananas in the world so much so that the best of the best of these bananas are being exported. That’s why what is left in our local markets for public consumption are those that are small, has dark spots on the outside which make it look like it’s rotten and are generally unattractive to the eye but still sweet to the taste buds.

I find this set-up quite absurd. That’s why every time I have the chance, I buy those big, more expensive, ‘export-quality’ Cavendish bananas in supermarkets (wherein there are only a few) even if for me they taste like cardboard and they easily spoil.

It is my way of saying to The Global Man that we too deserve “the best.” Even if they’re just bananas.


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    • Aha! Kaya pala! May catch talaga. Haha! Buti na Lang minsan Lang ako bumili niyan. Don’t worry, I’ll stick to the señorita bananas na Lang. Thank you, eat your banana! 😀

      • Bwahaha! Learned this the hard way too! S used to work for a banana company here. Daming pasalubong na saging! Ang lalaki nila! Tapos dinadala ko sa office para i-share. Nagtatako ako bakit di nila kinakain, eh you know naman sa office, super welcome ang freebies! Nahiya tuloy ako nung ma-realize ko. They were just too polite to refuse my “gifts” (laden with poison pala! Hahaha).

  1. I am sure some of those banana come to Sydney as well as I see them in supermarket.
    But for me , the small ones tastes much nicer where as the big one taste bit artificial. I always love banana when I am in Nepal and they are small ones 🙂

  2. pero nag-aapply jan yung , “pangit man ang panlabas na anyo, pero busilak at mabait naman ang nasa loob”.. ayy teka.. saging lang pala ang pinag uusapan… yung saging pala dito sa japan ay galing pinas… pero yung presyo.. presyong ginto… juice mio..

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