Digi perm products for lazy people like me


Guys, here’s something you can laugh about before I start talking about the girly stuff. A post on curly hair on 9gag. Definitely what I think I look like vs. what people really see.


Ok, that’s it boys. You may now stop reading. Haha!

To the girls, here’s a little something I can share about in terms of the digiperm products that I use. I’ll try to be as helpful as I can since I’m not too keen on writing long posts or reviewing beauty products.

Remember I had my hair curled a few months back? Well, when I started I immediately consulted my girlfriends who already had their hair permed. One of them is Kea who happens to have tried a lot more products than me. She advised me to always get the product with the ‘curl defining’ label on it. Check out her keamistry blog for more detailed product reviews.

If you’re a lazy person like me who doesn’t exactly take super duper care of their hair, then read on. Just to put things in context, my hair is super thick, already damaged and is naturally wavy aka buhaghag. I initially wanted big curls but the salon people discouraged me from it so I had the small ones. But as time passed, the curls have become larger (as the salon people warned) and I absolutely love it. Makes me feel as if I have long wavy, sexy beach waves. Haha! Plus, the hairstylist told me not to use mousse or oil based products since it will way my crown down but there’s not a lot of other products so I gave mousses a go. I also find that if my hair looks wet and is kinda ‘hard,’ it’s more manageable for me.

What I do: Starting in the bath, while putting on conditioner, I run my hands through my hair to untangle it (because having curly hair for me is more prone to tangles and icky falling hair). After washing my hair, I wrap it in a towel and leave it on while doing other stuff like slathering on lotion. By the time I’m done with that, my hair is not as wet so I continue on putting curl defining gunk on my hair.


The first product I tried was the Monea Curl Defining Milk. This was out of desperation since I was Malaysia bound then (wherein I later on bought the last product on the photo above) and did not have a clue on what to do with my new hair. Here’s the funny thing about this product. When used alone, it does nothing to my hair but when paired with another product, it helps in defining my curls! Actually, I’ve found that ALL the products I’ve tried don’t work the way I want them to if used alone so what I normally do is put the Monea Lotion + another curl defining product.


What I like: smells good, feels like lotion, does not feel sticky on my hair and hands, affordable at P99, easily available at Watson’s & SM Dept. Stores

What I don’t like: comes in a bottle wherein I prefer it to be in a tub for easier application, wish it came in a bigger packaging

Next item I bought was the FX Curls up mousse. I was initially attracted to it because of the packaging, so chic! But this works for me too since it’s somewhat water-based I think. The mousse that comes out of it isn’t as heavy as the normal mousse. It’s more of like a foam which is good for my hair. It’s not as heavy on my tresses. Plus, if you like the super wet look look, then this is for you.


What I like: affordable at P299, no smell, cute packaging, comes in a plastic pump which is more Eco-friendly than aerosols (though it’s plastic), doesn’t feel sticky on hair or hand, gives a wet look, very light on hair

What I don’t like: I feel that I need to pump a lot of product for my thick hair meaning I use the product quickly (I think I initially used one bottle in more or less 2 weeks), not easily available in all Watson’s & SM Dept. Stores (bought this at Megamall)

Next is the Finesse Curl Defining Mousse. I’m currently wracking my brains for something to share about this but I guess there’s nothing special about this one. Oh, the mousse is thick like any normal mousse.


What I like: affordable at P329, easily available at Watson’s & SM Dept. Stores

What I don’t like: there’s nothing special about it. Haha!

Next up is probably the most common product in the market – the Salon styling mousse. I usually use this for non-special days aka staying at home just so I can maintain my waves.


What I like: super affordable at P129 for the smaller can (price varies in SM though), easily available at Watson’s, SM Dept. Stores and most super grocery stores!

What I don’t like: Doesn’t smell good (it’s not bad just that it has a smell that reminds me of chemicals, but not too much), hate the way my hands feel icky after putting on the product

Last product I’ve tried as of press time (naks!) is the FX curls up gel. I saw this already when I bought the first FX product but decided not to get it yet (plus there’s another product I wanted to try from the same line which comes in a spray). Sounds weird that it’s a gel and yes, it kinda is. Feels very sticky on my palms. I’ve found that when used alone, it gives my waves a natural, soft bounce.

What I like: smells so nice, cute packaging, affordable at P299

What I dont like: kinda hard to squeeze out the product, I feel I need to use a lot for my hair, not easily available in all Watson’s & SM Dept. Stores (bought this at Megamall)


There you have it. A round up of products for digitally permed hair for lazy people like me. I’ll probably try more new products but if you ask me, I’d buy the FX curls up mousse again. Kinda makes me question the ‘reputation’ of having curly hair being more low maintenance than having straight hair. Maybe because we don’t need to ‘brush’ our hair anymore. Still, a lot of work (and gunk) are being put into having those perfect wavy tresses.


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