S&R Members Treat: the haul


It’s that time of the month again in all branches of S&R Membership Shopping wherein they hold their twice a year major sale. A lot of items are on Buy 1, Take 1 (B1T1) promo and are discounted and with the holidays fast approaching, we decided to head on to S&R Alabang, the closest to our home, and see what goodies we could find.

One of our concerns was that there would be a huge line outside the store. Last time in April of this year, we came prepared and actually went there on a Saturday at 5am (we were one of the few at the front of the line). But this time, we took our chances and arrived at around 8am. There was still a line outside the entrance but just a short one, although there was scarcity of pushcarts so we had to wait for a few minutes.

If you want to see how it really is in some of the S&R branches, check out this and this post for the hell that ensues in one of these shopping sprees.

Now to the haul. I won’t be sharing all of the items we bought but just a few to make your mouth water. Haha! My mom being the financier in this project, in all seriousness said, “Ok, our budget is P5000 lang ha.” I was like, “Mom, as if. P5000 is our usual budget for the regular grocery stores. That just won’t do in S&R.” Of course I didn’t tell that to her. Like a good daughter, I just shut up and smiled. We ended up with more than thrice her budget. Hihi.

In S&R, go big or go home.


As usual, there were a lot of B1T1 on towels, rugs, bed sheets, tupperwares, kitchen and cleaning stuff, tables and chairs. In the photo below, all the items are on B1T1. Our thinking is if it doesn’t expire, go ahead and hoard. You can use all these items until next year.


There were also a lot of cute toiletry sets on B1T1, so perfect for Christmas. They came in different colors, styles and usually consisted of a loofah, shower gel, lotion, body scrub, body mist and a pouch or container. (B1T1 for P500)


Lotte juices for only P90.


These Combos are, I think, the most sulit since from P270, they only cost P130! Pwede!


Chex Mex and healthy chips. You can’t find these in regular stores.


Smaller than the usual can of soft drink. Love Dr. Pepper.


Kitkat singles! So you can still control those sweet cravings. Haha!


Another awesome buy. These cakes are on B1T1 at P300. We got the blueberry and the marble cake. It’s supposed to be four pieces of course but we gave one to mom’s driver. She’ll be giving away the other cakes I think (obviously we can’t finish all of that sweets.)


Variety of condiments and cooking stuff. We all love to cook at home so better to stock up on stuff – from Worcestire sauce, hot sauce, olive oil mayo, ketchup, relish, barbecue sauce, peanut butter, soya milk, pancake syrup and tons of vinaigrette for our salads!


My fave! Huge bucket of Folgers classic roast for our daily brewed coffee fix. This, I can assure you, is super sulit. It costs approximately P700 but if you buy it in Rustans or other stores, it’s more than a thousand bucks! So gora na, di ba? My logic is, if one can spend P150 for one Starbucks frappe, P700 for half a year of coffee doesn’t sound bad, right? And yes, 3lbs of coffee is only good for 6 months with me. Did I mention I’m a coffee addict?


Here in the Philippines, we don’t have berries aside from strawberries which is also a luxury for many because of its price and scarcity (though I found cheap frozen strawberries at SM for only P60 a pack). Since I love making fresh fruit shakes and I’m trying to live healthy, these frozen assorted berries will be perfect as a drink booster. (P200+)


Bagels for P99 each! Yummy with cream cheese.


Assorted cold cuts! At S&R, their meats are super fresh. Honestly, there’s a difference between meats bought at S&R and those bought at the local market. Mas masarap Talaga. And again, buying the cold cuts especially the Hungarian sausage at S&R is better and cheaper. (Prices range from P150 – P350)


Of course, my pets also have their share in our haul. 5lbs of doggy treats for only P200 something from P319. Better than buying those expensive pet store treats.


And, a sack of kitty litter! Again, more sulit since the kitty litter we buy is P200+ for 4kgs. This one is 22.7 kgs for P699. Pwede! I guess my cat is happy about this, eh?


So there. Just some of our haul. Of course afterwards, lunch ensued at their food counter with more sulit American sized pizza and stuff. If you want to go shopping, you still have the weekend to do so. If you’re planning on applying, the annual membership fee is P700. Happy grocery shopping! 🙂


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