Vacationista: Calaguas Island


I’m not much of a camper. I love to travel, yes, but not so much into hiking or camping. I’m the I-still-need-a-decent-restroom-and-sleeping-quarters-kind-of-gal. But when my girl friends told me we’ll be going to this island called Calaguas (take note: they told me, they didn’t ask me. I’m kaladkarin like that) and that we had to camp, I decided to give it a shot. An adventure, why not.

Besides, look at that beach!

Ain’t she a beaut? The beach, I mean

First of all, I had no idea where this Calaguas Island was. We just hopped on the bus for an 8 hour road trip and before I knew it, I found myself in the middle of Camarines freakin’ Norte. Haha! We were in the Bicol area! Basically, we took a tour package (P3,200) recommended by my friend’s officemate along with another group. Getting there, we took a DLTB bus (which I love ‘cuz it’s two-seater and very clean!) going to Daet. The bus seats were already reserved by the tour organizer. Here’s a sample itinerary because I’m a lazy blogger like that:

Day 0
9:00PM – ETD Daet
Day 1
07:00AM – ETA Daet/ Breakfast
08:00AM – ETD for Calaguas Island
10:00AM – ETA Calaguas Island/ set camp explore
12:00 NN- Lunch
01:00PM – Siesta/ swimming/ explore/ picture happy campers
06:00PM – Dinner
07:00PM – Socials
10:00PM – Lights out
Day 2
06:00AM – Wakeup call
07:00AM – Breakfast
09:00AM – Break Camp
10:00AM – ETD Calaguas – Daet
12:00NN – ETD Daet
01:00PM – Late Lunch
02:00PM – Surfing Bgasbas
05:00 PM- Rest
06:00 PM- Dinner
09:00 PM – ETD Daet – Manila

From Daet, we had to take a two-hour boat ride to the island. It was soooo long. But when we finally arrived, this is what welcomed us:

blue on blue

When I saw the beach, I said: This is as beautiful as the beach in Bohol. Because in my opinion, the beach in Bohol (Panglao island) is so much more gorgeous than the overrated Boracay. But Boracay is nice too.

The Island

The island is a virgin: no electricity, no hotels, no restaurants. There were just a few locals to help us out. We lived in tents provided by the organizers, had to pump water for our bathing needs (though there was a manong who did that for us), used a small toilet area made out of nipa and basically only had the beach as our playground.

It was super fun!

The organizers took care of our food meaning they brought ingredients for our meals and cooked it fresh at the island. My fave was the famous local dish of the Bicol area: the laing. We rented a hut for our swimming use (P300). After lunch, one of the organizers took us for a short hiking at a nearby hill, complete with goat and cow poop, and this is our view of the whole island:

View from atop a hill

Time always flies when you’re at the beach because before we knew it, it was dinner time already and of course afterwards, us girls had some mojito and margarita night. Good thing we brought our own booze because the organizers later on invited us for some shots and we could easily say we already had drinks. But we did join the group for some ‘socials.’ And oh, our organizers brought their own generator so for a time, we had lights at the beach.

Pampatulog: lady drinks

the shore at night

The next day, we headed to our second island, Bagasbas island, for some surfing time. These next two shots show the difference in sand between the two beaches.

Sand at Calaguas Island

Sand at Bagasbas Island

During the following morning, we took the two-hour boat ride again going back to Daet then went on land to Bagasbas Island. The package included a holding area, which is where we also ate, where we could keep our bags and rest. Come afternoon, the waves were ready for us surfer amateurs.

Why don’t I have a photo surfing? Because obviously I have no balance in my body (read: I was repeatedly wiped out!) Haha!

Learning how to surf

surfing turf

The surfing teachers were nice and tutorials cost P400 each. It’s a fun experience albeit super tiring. I don’t think I’ll surf again. Hehe. Last thing we did was buy some local products for pasalubong then off we were going back home.

The tour sounds pretty nice, right? But if you’re asking if I’d recommend the tour organizers, I say no simply because they got super drunk during the overnight which I find irresponsible and such a turn off. Good thing I was with my girl friends who just laughed off that part of our experience.

I do hope that the local government would be able to take care of the beach and preserve it’s virginity and beauty and not let it become like just another Boracay.



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  1. Travel blog na rin pala to. Miss Jen, ang ganda ng Calaguas! Magbibicol din ako soon. Hahaha.

    Pero ang part na sobrang pamatay na tinawanan ko ng husto ay eto : Note: ALL PHOTOS CANNOT BE COPIED. EVER.

    Ikaw na ikaw 🙂

    • Halo halo Talaga tong blog na to. As in Kung anong maisipan na isulat. Haha! At grave ka naman, ung last part pa ang natuwa ka! Ikaw na ikaw din! 🙂

  2. ang sarap naman… maeenjoy ko na lang ata yang ganyan kapag malalaki na ang mga anak ko.. ehehehe.. kaya lang baka uugod ugod na ako.. paano pa ako makakapag surf.. eheheheh.. at bakit pumuti ang mga paa ninyo sa bagasbas? ehehehehe… saya naman nito silver friend.. at ang taray ng pose mo ah.. back shot…

    • Syempre friend, likod Lang ang pwedeng ipakita. Haha. Kaya ako sabi ko, bago mag pamilya, gusto ko makagala muna.

      “gala ng gala habang wala pang bata.” – jlapis, 2010

      Pero pwede kang maggala ngayon habang Asa Japan ka pa.. Sabi ko nga sayo ikwento mo mga gala mo dyan.. Yung walang halong bakla.. Hehe

  3. me is Google-earthing this place. me want to go there end of November. Me thank you for the idea. But wait, me want to stay Caroman too! she’ll kill me dude if me no show up. Viva Camarines!
    (ang gulo nito ah) hehehe

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