Vacationista: Lantau Island, Hong Kong


I can’t believe I haven’t shared about my Hong Kong trip! Don’t worry, I know that there are so many blogs and reviews already for HK so what I’ll share is one of the favorite places we went to – Lantau Island.

Buddha from afar

Lantau Island is the home of the humongous bronze buddha called the Tian Tan Buddha. Getting there, depending on where you are, you have to ride a bus, a train (where the stop is a mall known for its outlet stores) and definitely a cable car. From the cable car, you can already see the buddha on top of the mountain. To get to the buddha up close, you have to walk a steep flight of a gazillion stairs. Along with the big buddha, there are other smaller religios images atop the mountain.

Once you arrive at the main center, there are already a lot of shops, restaurants and attractions. One of those was the Po Lin Monastery. In the photos, that’s the temple area where people are worshipping. I like watching people worshipping in these temples, they seem so at peace and sincere. Funny how for us, it was just a tourist attraction but for them, it was really a place to give thanks and praise to their deity.

Plus, there’s a hiking path leading you to another worship place in the middle of the forest. I forgot the name but there are slabs of poles in it with Chinese calligraphy of words of wisdom.

It’s amazing that even after how many times of going back to HK, there’s always something new to visit. Aside from the popular attractions like Disneyland and Ocean Park, I encourage you to also visit those new and not-yet-too-popular wonders.


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