Toast Box: Singaporean goodness


The first time I saw Toast Box was at the airport in Bangkok, Thailand when I went there two years ago. Since then, I’ve been interested in trying it out since I loved the look of the resto – all white – plus I always see so many people eating there. Later on, Toast Box came here to Manila but it was only recently that we had lunch at their Nuvali branch.

Of course, we ordered their specialty which was the Hainanese chicken. We didn’t know how big their serving was so we ordered the whole chicken (P490+). It turns out the chicken was huge! Good for 4-5 hungry people. We just ordered two cups of rice (P50+ each) which again was good for about 3 people and a bowl of spicy prawn noodle soup (forgot the name, about P250). The Hainanese chicken was really good! It’s simply boiled with a touch of ginger but the sauces – some kind of soy sauce, shredded ginger and hot pepper sauce – made all the difference! The way I can best describe it is that the taste is very light and clean on the palette that you won’t get sick of eating it. The rice had a touch of ginger-y taste to it though I found the soup quite salty.

One of our friends ordered the Nasi Goreng plate (not in photo), another Singaporean deli, and by golly the serving was good enough for two people.


For drinks, we ordered the iced tea (not in photo) and their best seller milk tea (P90). For dessert, though this can also be a snack, we ordered another best seller and their specialty, the Kaya Toast (P52). Kaya toast is just bread with cocojam and a huge slice of butter in it but I like this one better because it has more coconut. The photo on the bottom left is actually a tower of butter. Imagine all that buttery goodness!


And now, the ambiance! I love the feel of this restaurant because as I said, it’s mostly in white with white tables and chairs, plush cushions and pretty accents on the walls like picture-less frames, old lamps and cute book shelves. The resto is really small and quaint and cozy and it’s very clean-looking and refreshing! Kinda reminds me of dining at the countryside.



I highly recommend grabbing a bite at Toast Box though be prepared to shell out at least P250 for a meal. They don’t have that much on the menu but their serving is huge and the food is so good!

I absolutely love Toast Box and yes, I can’t wait to go back for some Singaporean goodness!


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