The measure of happiness in the Philippines…


… Is whether or not you are “in a relationship.” Doesn’t matter if you got into a relationship for the wrong reasons or if you’re ready for the commitment or if you’re just settling for that person.

Just as long as you are not alone.


Want to know what the measure of success in the Philippines is?

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  1. In many part of world (capitalist) Money talks. Green breeds Happiness.
    Sometimes happiness lies in coming out of the relationship, (if you are in it for wrong reasons).;)

    Be well!

  2. kaya nga eh, nakakainis nga yung notion ng bagong Pilipinas na hindi ka ‘In’ or kawawa ka kapag wala kang ‘kalaguyo’ o syota.

    nako sarap kaya ng walang commitment at freedom ng isang single Filipino. 🙂

    Pero gaya nga ng sabi ni Manong Djani “Gusto ko, happy ka”

  3. I’m currently in a relationship (two months old) but the idea that women can’t—or feel they can’t—live without a man or the way they see the world: coupled and happy, or alone and miserable – D.I.S.G.U.S.T.I.N.G!

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