Bag of beans


While the rest of the Philippine population was in the cemetery visiting the dead, me and my college friends decided to spend some alone time at my sister’s house in Nuvali. Traditionally, Filipinos spend the whole night and day of November 1 at the cemetery, setting up tents, bringing in food, resting, sort of like a reunion for the family (including those 6 feet under). But we don’t usually follow this tradition, which is highly rooted in the Catholic religion.

We spent two days around Nuvali, one of the favorite hang out places of Southerners and Manilenos alike, just chilling, talking and laughing, going around the park, debating about life, love, poverty and politics, cooking home made food and drinking shots while playing pusoy dos. On our first night there, we decided to go up to Tagaytay, which is about 30 minutes away from my sis’ place. Tagaytay is atop a hill, surrounded by pine trees with Taal Lake as the main attraction and was freakin’ cold! Had to buy an unscheduled cardigan because I couldn’t stand the chill. After a trip to the grocery at Robinsons Tagaytay which is another new hang out place with so many different cafes and restos (I forgot the name of the complex), we decided to have dinner at the ever reliable and famous bulalo place, Leslie’s. During the day, it’s a great place to eat since it’s overlooking Taal Lake. I don’t have photos of the food because we were so hungry and the food was gone in an instant, especially since I was with three starving men.

After that, we headed to Bag of Beans which is one of my favorite must-go-to spots in Tagaytay for some dessert and coffee. This is actually the main topic of my post (watta long introduction!). They now have two locations – the original one which is past the public market of Tagaytay and the newly opened branch at the rotonda. I love the ambiance of the resto-cafe – very earthy, nature-ish type with a nice garden and outdoor section to dine. I couldn’t take pictures of the place because it was quite dark and “romantic” so I just took photos of what we ordered (except for the cheesecake).


I had the hot coffee macchiato (P110) which was really good though a bit on the sweet side. Perfect for the cold weather!


My friends shared this breakfast food which they turned into a dessert – the humongous three piece blueberry pancake (P195). This one I really found sweet since aside from the blueberry toppings, there was more blueberry in the batter. Sugar overload! A definite no-no for diabetics.


Lastly, we ordered some apple pie ala mode (I had the same sans the ice cream) (P150). This was pretty good since there was the perfect balance of the crisp crust and sweet cinnamon apple filling.

I highly recommend chilling at Bag of Beans for some home made goodness, although we had such a good time talking until we realized we were the last customers to leave (closing time around 11pm). No wifi though which I find refreshing. The meals are good too the last time I went there and ranges from P150-300 per plate.

Where were you during the holidays? 🙂


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  1. Di din ako pumunta sementeryo nung nov 1 e. Sa north kasi kami. Alam niyo naman party dun pag undas. Pero sulit yan ah. Nakakapanlaway pero mura lang. Hehe

    * Pareng Jay was here

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